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Jennifer Uecke on Thu Nov 23 15:15:53 2000 wrote:
Dear Suzanne Walter, I am also interested in finding
any plays that have been written about math. If
anyone has responded please send the ideas my way to
Thank you.

suzanne walter on Mon Aug 7 12:18:58 2000 wrote:
are you familar with an plays that have been written
about mathematics? I am looking for a list of as many
titles as you could come up with.

please let me know.


single on Fri Feb 18 00:58:56 2000 wrote:
Here's a guy who wants us to remember good old <A HREF=
Giordanno Bruno</A>

((hope that the html work, otherwise the URL is: http:/
/slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=00/02/17/1548245 ))


Sung on Fri Feb 11 11:50:56 2000 wrote:
I did manage to find a copy of the music video
(Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight) I mentioned
earlier in class that looked very similar to the Moon
Landing video we saw in class. Unfortunately, it's a
streaming video file (*.asx) and I am not sure how to
set it up so everyone can see it... any suggestions?

Robinson Tryon on Fri Jan 7 00:41:01 2000 wrote:
I found this website. It has a bit to say about "ancient math" and lists quite a few texts.



dorothy on Thu Jan 6 15:44:30 2000 wrote:
Welcome to College Course 9. Today is Jan 6, 2000.
Our class spent quite a lot of time outlining what we would want to know in order to understand developments in Renaissance astronomy. Here is the list we came up with, unsorted:

complete historical context
politics- middle and merchant classes
religion/mythology- catholic, protestant, moorish
prevailing views of astronomy
existing database and how it was regarded
who's in power
who's making decisions
where the power base is
communication and spread of ideas (or lack thereof)

influence of predecessors and their methods of research and observation

funding and restrictions
personal backgrounds, motivations, wealth, education
competing theories
curiosity and "spirit of renaissance"
navigation and exploration
relations between political entities

After attempting to sort these into categories (cultural, social, technological) we came up with some more things under the category of "imagination":

personal stories ("poster boy for renaissance")
experimentation in art forms

Well, this ought to keep us busy for nine weeks, eh? Please add to this list, comment on it, and use this site as a forum for discussion! cheers,