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Resource Systems Group

RSG's broad range of transportation planning and policy analysis services includes regional and statewide transportation plans, corridor studies, regional network modeling, traffic impact studies, strategic planning, financial strategies, and safety analyses. Our expertise and experience in engineering, planning, public policy, and management help our clients improve their communities, processes, and organizations by creating sustainable, sensible transportation policies. We link transportation studies and analyses with the overall planning, economic, and environmental contexts where these issues are of concern.

Our transportation master planning for large companies and institutions has given our staff hands-on experience with implementing practical transportation demand management (TDM) programs. We work with clients to formulate cost-effective TDM programs to mitigate traffic, parking, and environmental impacts associated with major employers.

A regional TDM solution is the development of Transportation Management Associations (TMAs). TMAs play an important role in coordinating transportation and parking among different groups, companies, and institutions who share travel and parking resources. Our staff have advised local, newly formed TMAs and developed programs for established ones. We provide TMAs localized information essential for designing immediate and long-range programs for improving a region's travel options.

Last Updated: 9/24/12