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Campus Master Plan
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Master Plan Process


The master plan will have two primary phases of work. Phase 1 Fact-Finding is currently underway. Phase 2 Framework Plan (Master Plan Options)  will be developed over the fall,  winter, and spring of 2013.

Phase 1 Fact-Finding includes gathering of data and performing qualitative and quantitative analyses. Phase 2 includes community-wide outreach and the development of the master plan options and supporting elements, including building reuse and new sites, housing, transportation, parking, landscape, stormwater management, and information technology in a broad way. Sustainability is a pillar of our approach to planning and will be integrated across all disciplines. Energy, an important long-term sustainability issue for the campus, will be addressed through a separate process.

Community-wide outreach is an important part of the planning process to solicit input as well as seek feedback on emerging concepts. Outreach will occur throughout Phase 2 of the master plan and we look forward to hearing from the campus community. At any time, throughout the process, please use the master plan email to send an email to the staff .

The plan will address both campus-wide systems ("themes") and specific strategic planning areas ("neighborhoods") that warrant more intensive study. The neighborhoods approach is a useful planning tool that enables the study of distinct challenges and opportunities in emerging precincts but is always kept within a holistic view of the campus as a whole.

Master plan neighborhoods include:

Core Campus
North End
West End
Arts & Athletics

Campus-wide themes to be addressed include:

Campus Identity and Architecture
Development Capacity, Building Reuse, and Building Expansions
Housing & Campus Life
Landscape and Stormwater
Circulation, Transportation, and Parking

Last Updated: 10/8/12