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Independent Study Guidelines

In order to fulfill the requirement for the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies degree, you are required to undertake at least one Independent Study (IS). Students may take two IS courses, but no more than two.

Independent Studies may only be undertaken by students who are "in residence" (within commuting distance of the college) and should be supervised by a regular Dartmouth faculty member. An IS course may be particularly helpful in identifying a thesis topic - please consult your IS advisor for more information. You should work closely with your advisor to formulate the proposal, because it is recommended that your advisor submit, along with your proposal, a letter of support for the proposed study.


Independent Study Proposal forms are available on the M.A.L.S. web site, or in the M.A.L.S. office. Your proposal should be typed and submitted to your advisor for approval approximately two weeks prior to the office deadline. The Committee will NOT consider incomplete proposals.

Students may apply for an IS after they have achieved official degree candidacy and have submitted a Plan of Study. Students should talk with their advisors or with the Executive Director and Faculty Chair, who can recommend faculty with expertise related to the particular IS; students design the IS with the supervising faculty.

Last Updated: 6/26/09