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What Can I do with a MALS Degree?

Students who graduate with a Dartmouth M.A.L.S. degree expand their base of formal knowledge, and enhance their capacity for analytic insight, creative research, and independent thought. Many M.A.L.S. graduates return to their chosen profession with a heightened confidence in their intellectual strength.

During the past few years, M.A.L.S. graduates have received recognition through prestigious awards such as the Fulbright Fellowship, the J.B. Reynolds Scholarship, and the MacArthur Genius Grant.

Within academia, our graduates go on to doctoral programs in cultural studies, American studies, literature, history, government, philosophy, and psychology, as well as professional schools in business, law and public policy. Others return to teach or go on to teach at the secondary or community college levels.

In addition, several of our current students and alumni have written professionally for various journals, magazines, and the film industry; while others prefer to work for non-profit organizations, the private sector, or the arts.

Last Updated: 5/28/09