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With the assistance of faculty advisors, students develop an individual plan of study consisting of eight courses that encompass both formal course work and independent study.

The program stresses the following goals for all students: demonstrated proficiency in critical and analytical thinking, skills in leading seminar discussions, and facility in oral and written expression. In addition, students participate in up to two Summer Symposia during their enrollment, attending weekly lectures by visiting scholars and practitioners on a central theme. In lieu of one Symposium, a non-credit module on Research Methods is offered during the summer term to introduce or reacquaint students with research strategies, library and Internet resources, and the available technologies to utilize them. The Research Methods module is an acceptable substitute for one Symposium.

MALS students have numerous options in fulfilling the elective course requirement. For the graduate Liberal Studies degree, they may earn elective credits by taking graduate courses from other programs or upper division undergraduate College courses. To receive graduate credit for College courses, MALS students arrange for additional course work with their professors, beyond that assigned to undergraduates. This option gives MALS students access to the hundreds of courses across many departments at Dartmouth. For the on-line catalogue of College courses, go to Dartmouth Registrar's Office.

Last Updated: 12/6/12