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Sample Programs

Sample Programs of Study Within M.A.L.S.

M.A.L.S. students pursue the Master of Arts in Liberal Studies by constructing individualized curricula and independent projects in a wide range of fields. Below are the academic profiles of three M.A.L.S. students with very different interests to illustrate the flexibility of the Program:

  • One recent graduate, a high school English and drama teacher, constructed a plan of study that explored literary archetypes, with a concentration on Shakespeare's works. Her coursework included classes such as "Reading Culture, Reading Books", "Crime and Poverty," "Victorian Poetry," "Doestoyevsky and the Problem of Evil", "Classicism: The Genealogy of Idioms", "Shakespeare in Performance", a creative writing workshop, and an independent study on "A Study of Feminist Criticism," culminating in a thesis entitled "The Problem with 'What You Will' in Shakespeare's Comedies: A Study of Gender and Social Harmony in 'As You Like It', 'Twelfth Night' and 'Measure for Measure.'"

  • Another M.A.L.S. student who came to the program after working in management consulting chose a different path. He selected courses on "The Sociology of International Development", "Conflict: a Comparative Perspective", "Comparative Politics of International Relations", "The Challenge of Democratic Ideals", "Crime and Poverty", "The Diffusion of Democracy", "Slave Societies and Slave Law", with an independent study on "Economic Policies of Brazil and Taiwan" and a thesis on "The Development of South Korea and Brazil: Comparative Political and Economic Perspectives."

  • A third student entered the M.A.L.S. Program to develop her skills in Creative Writing after having worked for years as a therapist at a mental health institute. She pursued Creative Writing workshops in the short story, poetry, and oral history, and selected courses on "The African American Intellectual", "Crime and Poverty", and "Reading Culture, Reading Books." For the independent study, she worked on a series of short stories, and her thesis was completed in the genre of a novella.

Last Updated: 4/24/09