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MALS Program FAQs


Are the GRE's required?

     No, the GRE's are not required.

When are TOEFL scores required? Can it be waived?

     International students who did not graduate from an English-speaking university or college must take the TOEFL.



I am not enrolled in any courses – am I still an active student?

     Yes, you are an active student until you graduate or withdraw from the program. However, if you are not enrolled in courses, you are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid and any current student loans will enter into the repayment period. As an Active student, you are still required to carry Health Insurance.

How long do I have to finish the program?

     All degree requirements must be satisfied within six years of program entry.

Do I have to take MALS 120: Summer Symposium?

     Yes, every student is required to be in residence for at least one summer and enroll in MALS 120.

How can I find out what classes are being offered in other departments each term?

     Course listings and times are located on the Dartmouth Registrar's website under "Timetable of Class Meetings". Search the ORC for course descriptions.

Can I take an undergraduate course for graduate credit?

     Yes. Dartmouth College undergraduate courses taken as MALS elective, concentration or interdisciplinary credit must be upper division, and be augmented in readings and/or written assignments to equal graduate level coursework, by agreement between the student and instructor (See the Non-MALS Course Contract). Prior approval from the MALS administration is required.  The number of undergraduate courses taken for graduate credit is limited to two.

Do I have to enroll in MALS 137: Thesis Research?

     MALS 137 is not a required course. Students who must remain enrolled as either part-time or full-time have the option to enroll. In order to enroll in MALS 137, students must:

  • Be "in residence" for the term (within commuting distance to campus)
  • Meet regularly with the first reader to keep him or her informed of progress (weekly, or bi-weekly at a minimum)
  • Demonstrate satisfactory progress in research or writing of the project throughout the term. If a student enrolls in MALS 137 and does not demonstrate satisfactory progress in their work through meetings with their advisor, or does not adhere to the meeting schedule to the advisor's satisfaction, a grade of 'No Credit' (NC) will be recorded at the end of the term.
  • Only enroll in thesis research, MALS 137, part-time or full-time, for a maximum of 4 terms. Tuition is covered for MALS 137 with a 100% scholarship.

     Students (not covered by an international student visa) may opt NOT to enroll in MALS 137 for part or all of their thesis work, but will not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

     International Students who wish to pursue thesis research without being enrolled in MALS 137, may only do so with the permission of the Office of Visa and Immigration Services, or their home country.



What does my MALS scholarship cover?

     MALS scholarships cover a percentage of the cost of tuition for the nine required courses ONLY. (MALS scholarships are partial-tuition scholarships)

Do I have to reapply for financial aid every year?

     You must reapply for federal financial aid every year by completing the online FAFSA and Graduate Financial Aid Application, however any MALS scholarship you receive will automatically renew each year.

I'm not taking any classes – why am I being charged for Dartmouth health insurance?

     Dartmouth College requires that all ACTIVE students be insured, regardless of whether or not you are enrolled in courses. Unless you submit a waiver each year to the Health Services Department, you are automatically enrolled in The Dartmouth Student Group Health Plan.

I am working independently on my MALS thesis and have not finished the program yet - why am I being told I need to start repaying my students loans?

     In order to keep Student Loans in deferment, you must remain enrolled as either a part-time or full-time student.  If you have completed all of your coursework and are no longer eligible to enroll in MALS 137: Thesis Research, you are required to start repaying your loans, even if you have not yet graduated.

I need to work while going to school.  How can I find out about available jobs in the area?

     Dartmouth's Student Employment Office is the best place to start your job search!  You can also find several area job listings in the Classifieds of The Valley News



When is the MALS office open?

     The MALS office is open Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm.

How do I get my mail?

     Student mailboxes are located in Wentworth Hall outside the MALS office.

How can I find my Student ID (NetID or DID) number?

     You can look up your NetID on the Dartmouth website here.

What is my campus mailing address?

     6092 Wentworth

     Hanover NH 03755

I cannot log onto Banner and/or my email. Who can help?

     Contact the Help Desk by calling 603-646-2999, emailing or stopping by their office in the Baker-Berry Library.

Last Updated: 1/26/15