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Phyllis Katz

Phyllis Katz, senior lecturer in the Classics and Women Studies Departments, received her Ph.D. in Classics from Columbia University. She focuses her teaching and writing in Classics and Women Studies on the transitions of young girls from adolescence to adulthood. She also teaches and writes poetry. Her poems "Night Train" and "Remnants" have appeared in the annual Anthology of New England Writers. "At Dusk" will appear in the 2008 edItion of Lifelines, The Dartmouth Medical School Literary Journal. She has published numerous articles and reviews and is the co-author with Charbra A. Jestin of Ovid: Metamorphoses and Amores. She has a chapter on "Io in the Prometheus Bound" in Rites of Passage in Ancient Greece: Literature, Religion, Society, in the Bucknell Review, Fall, 1999.

Current scholarly publications include "Shifting Ground: the Metamorphoses of Ovid's Tiresias in Christine de Pisan's Le Livre de la Mutacion de Fortune and T.S. Eliot's The Waste Land," Classical and Modern Literature, Fall 2006; "Educating Paula: a Proposed Curriculum for Raising a Fourth-Century Christian Infant," Hesperia, Winter 2008; and "Teaching Tiresias: Issues of Gender and Sexuality in Ovid and Beyond," forthcoming in Teaching Ovid, Barbara Weiden Boyd and Cora Fox, eds. MLA publication.

Last Updated: 10/31/11