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Thesis Research Grant

M.A.L.S. Thesis Research Grant

Each MALS student has the opportunity to apply for the MALS thesis research grant, up to the amount of $500.00, once during their tenure as an active student.

This grant is made available in an effort to facilitate and encourage in-depth research and assist students with expenses incurred during off-campus research pertaining primarily to their thesis.

Theses proposals should be submitted, to the Curriculum Committee, at least one term prior to the term during which thesis research is to commence. Thesis Research Grant proposals are submitted to the Committee in the form of a letter from the student explaining his/her research goals and how the money would be used to help reach those goals.

The deadlines for thesis research grant applications are the same as the Curriculum Committee deadlines:

February 1, for research commencing in the spring
April 15, for research commencing in the summer
August 1, for research commencing in the fall
October 15, for research commencing in the winter

Last Updated: 10/4/12