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Summer Symposium

All MALS student is required to enroll in one Summer Symposium as part of the academic curriculum.  The Summer Symposium is a weekly series of lectures and presentations by resident and visiting scholars that together with student-led seminars acquaints students with a broad range of topical issues and encourages articulate discussion and debate.

The Symposium is open to the greater Dartmouth community and is a highlight of the summer term.

Summer Symposium Guidelines

Each registered student is assigned to a discussion group. Each week after the first meeting, a student group will facilitate the symposium discussion on Wednesday afternoon. See the Syllabus for your group's week, and the readings to be discussed.

Each participant is expected to read the assigned selections carefully BEFORE the Wednesday they are to be discussed, and to note the major discussion questions that these readings evoked for you. You will write your questions on Canvas.

The group facilitating each week's discussion will review all questions posted by participants in their respective groups, and select the key points to discuss.

Professor Pease will serve a resource for the weekly meetings, and may pose questions of his own to stimulate discussion. To receive credit for the symposium, you must attend each session, have weekly discussion questions posted to Canvas, engage actively in the discussions, and participate in your group's facilitation.

Please do NOT e-mail your questions on the readings to the MALS office, or to Professor Pease! They must be posted on Canvas!

Recent Summer Symposium topics include:

2014: National Security & Civil Rights

2013: The Ethics and Politics of Drone Warfare

2012: Occupy Wall Street
2011: The Arab Spring
2010: The Coloniality of Knowledge
2009: The Literature and Politics of the Depression
2008: 1968
2007: Prisonhouses of Democracy
2006: Challenging American Exceptionalism

Last Updated: 4/24/15