Malcolm Brown
Director of Academic Computing
Dartmouth College
6224 Baker/Berry
Hanover, NH 03755 USA
603 646-1349

Work history

Dartmouth College
Director of Academic Computing, 1991-present
1991-2002: Reorganized the User Services division of Computing Services, renaming the division Academic Computing. Formed groups in support of research computing, curricular computing, and consulting support for faculty desktop computers. 2003-present: Returned faculty desktop support to the general help desk. Added groups in support of classroom technology and media production.
Academic Computing, a division of Computing Services, currently consists of four sub-divisions: Curricular Computing, providing web design, course management system operation, management of the Computing Technology Venture Fund (grants in support of curricular initiatives), new media support, and instructional design for teaching and learning; Research Computing, providing research computational services, UNIX workstation support, statistics and parallel programming consulting, and IP-based video-conferencing support; Classroom Technology Services, providing a full range of classroom technology support, from conceptualization and design to classroom operation services; Media Production, providing professional video services for curricular and campus programs. Staff of 25 FTE, annual budget of $2.3 million.
Since 1993, chair of the Subcommittee on Classrooms with an annual capital budget of $125,000 and served as a member of numerous committees for the Berry Library extension, such as the Building Committee and the User Services Working Group. Working in close collaboration with the Dartmouth Center for the Advancement of Learning (DCAL), sharing staff and initiatives. In partnership with the Library and the Writing Program, founded the student center for Research, Writing, and Information Technology (RWIT), a synthesis of student academic support services.

Adjunct Professor, Jewish Studies, 2001-present
Taught courses on Nietzsche and antisemitism in Spring 2001 and Winter 2004. The course is scheduled to be taught again in Winter 2007. Extensive web site on Nietzsche's biography.

Stanford University
Manager for Humanities computing projects, 1989-1991
Conceived of and directed the Academic Text Service (now called the "Humanities Digital Information Service"), including the development of the first network-based text analysis tool and an on-line, full-text library. Oversaw development of a retrieval system for a large collection of slide images. Worked with the Dean of Humanities & Sciences on Project Pegasus, which equipped and supported humanists with Macintosh computers. Participated in projects with the Stanford University Library to make full-text and bibliographic information available on the University network. Participated in the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) to define standards for the encoding of digital texts. Initiated the digital Nietzsche project, which has been officially affiliated with the TEI.

Specialist for Humanities Computing, 1987-1989
Initiated and supported computer-based research projects in humanities departments. Assisted and advised the Dean of Humanities & Sciences on computing projects. Managed an OCR service for humanities departments. Researched hypertext and text retrieval systems and acted as Stanford's liaison for computing initiatives in the international scholarly community.

Academic Computing Specialist, 1985-1987
Provided pre-sales and troubleshooting consulting support for the principal microcomputer environments. Specialized in the areas of text processing, typesetting, and page description languages, such as Postscript.

Teaching Fellow, German Studies, 1982-1984
Taught first- and second-year languages courses, and served as teaching assistant and discussion leader for the department's intellectual history cycle.


Frye Institute
June 2002

Harvard Management Development Program
June 1992

Ph.D., German Studies
Stanford University

Fulbright Scholar
Albert-Ludwigs Universität, Freiburg im Breisgau, Federal Republic of Germany
1976-1977; second Fulbright grant (renewal) 1977-1978

B.A., Philosophy; B.A., German Literature
University of California, Santa Cruz

Publications and Articles

Translation (in preparation): Chronology of Nietzsche's Life, in volume 15 of the Kritische Studienausgabe, to appear in translation from Stanford University Press.

Article: "Learning Space Design, Theory, and Practice," in: Educause Review, July/August 2005, Vol. 40, number 4, page 30.

Book chapter: "Learning Spaces," in: Oblinger, D., and Oblinger, J., editors, Educating the Net Generation, an Educause eBook, 2004, chapter 12.

Article: Brown, M., and Lippincott, J., "Learning Spaces: More Than Meets the Eye," in: Educause Quarterly, 2003, No. 1, pages 14-16.

Book chapter: "Dartmouth College: The goal is universal access," in: Brown, D., editor, Ubiquitous Computing, The Universal Use of Computers on College Campuses, Bolton: Anchor Publishing Company, 2003, pages 14-33.

Web site: Nietzsche Chronicle, A WWW Exhibit of Nietzsche's Biography ( 1999-present.

Online edition: Nietzsche, Kritische Gesamtausgabe Werke, (the full text of Nietzsche's core works) on CD-ROM, published in the Past Masters series by Intelex Corporation and Walter de Gruyter & Co. (Berlin, New York). 1990.

Book: Friedrich Nietzsche und Ernst Schmeitzner: eine Dartstellung ihrer Beziehung, Buchhändler-Vereinigung GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, 1987

Article: "The Next workstation: UNIX for the scholar?," Newsletter for the Association for Computers and the Humanities, Vol. 11 (Spring 1989), No. 1, pp. 1-3

Article: "Macintosh and DOS implementations of TeX," The Scientist, Vol. 2, no. 1, (11 January 1988), pp. 18-21

Book chapter: "About Type Encoding Programs," Desktop Publishing Bible, The Waite Group, San Francisco, 1987, pp. 320-339


Panel, Models of Collaboration, On the Same Path series, Lewis and Clark College, March 2005.

"Bringing Theory into Practice: Learner-Centered Principles and New Roles for Faculty and Students," NLII 2005 Spring Focus Session, Rice University.

Seminar co-leader, "Learning Space Design for the 21st Century,"Educause Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference, Baltimore, MD, January, 2005.

"Pervasive Computing: Evolutionary Steps," Common Solutions Group meeting, Harvard University, September 2004.

"Constructivist Learning Spaces," NLII Focus Session, MIT, September, 2004.

Seminar co-leader, "Learning Space Design," Educause conference, October, 2004.

"The Learning in Collaborative Spaces," New Media Consortium conference, June 2004.

"Rethinking Learning Spaces," NERCOMP conference, March 2004.

"Learning Spaces: The New Challenges," Educause conference, October 2003.

"Collaborative Facilities: A CNI/Dartmouth Project," NERCOMP conference, March 2002.

"The Smart Classroom: What Does It Look Like Today?" CREN Tech Talk series, (11/15/01)

"Facilities for Partnerships," Educause conference, 2001

"Standard Technology Suites for Classrooms," Seminars on Academic Computing, August 2001

"Dartmouth's Baker/Berry project" (co-presented with Cynthia Pawlek), CNI conference, 2000.

"The Future of the Macintosh Operating System," August 1999 Seminars on Academic Computing

"Of Computarians and Librarians," 1998 NERCOMP conference

"Library/IT Partnerships and Mergers," 1997 CAUSE conference

"Dartmouth's Approach to Electronic Classrooms," 1997 NERCOMP conference

"Instructional IT Services For Faculty," 1997 NECUSE conference, Harvard University

"Navigating the Waters. The Dartmouth College Information System," concluding IMHE conference, Paris, France, April 1995

"Dartmouth's Computer Distribution," 1995 ResNet conference, Stanford University

"Building an Academic Information System"; Panels: "Text Analysis Software: The Next Step," "Humanities Computing Facilities," 1993 International Joint Conference of the Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing (ALLC) and the Association for Computing and the Humanities (ACH), Georgetown University

"Nietzsche On-line: Report and Future Directions," American Philosophical Association conference, December 1992

"Electronic Texts: Quality, Acceptability, and Control," 1992 ACH/ALLC Conference, Oxford University, England

"Thus coded Zarathustra," Modern Language Association conference, 1991

"Keyboarding vs. Optical Character Recognition," 1989 International Joint Conference of the ALLC and the ACH, University of Toronto, Canada

Professional activities

Leader for the discussion groups "User Interface" and "Pedagogy," Sakai Education Partners Program, current.

Planning committee, NLII Focus Session on Informal Learning Spaces, Estrella Mountain Community College, AZ, September 2005.

Educause Committee on Emerging Technologies, 2005-present.

Planning Committee, NLII Focus Session on Emerging Practices and Learning Technologies, Rice University, March 2005.

Dartmouth's institutional representative for NERCOMP, 2002-present.

Planning committee, NLII Focus Session on Learning Spaces, MIT, September, 2004.

Planning committee member and presenter, PKAL/NITLE workshops, "Planning Technology-rich Spaces for Learning," DePauw University, October 2003; Vassar College, October 2004.

With the Coalition for Networked Information, Collaborative Facilities web site, 2002-5.

Member, Board of Directors, New Media Consortium, 2001-2004; Board Secretary, 2002-3; Chairman of the Board, 2003-4.

Member, 2004 Horizon Project Advisory Board, an initiative of the Educause Learning Initiative and the New Media Consortium.

Co-organizer (with Dartmouth Biomedical Library), October conference, Dartmouth, October 2002.

Member, Educational Applications and Learning Practices Group, Open Knowledge Initiative (OKI) 2000-2.

Educause Advisory Council on Teaching and Learning, 2001-2004.

Conference program committees: Educational Media 1996; CAUSE 1997; Educause, 2001 (teaching and learning track).

Co-leader, Educause Constituent Group on Libraries and Information Technology, 1997-present.

Review of the Multimedia Access Program, August 1998

CAUSE/CNI Library/IT Working Together workshop leader, 19971999

Participant in the CNI project "Assessing the Academic Networked Environment," 1997-1998

Science Teaching Institute, Dartmouth College, 1995

CNI Focus Group, "Assessing the True Costs of Networked Information," July 1995

Co-leader, TEI "Metaworkshop," University of Illinois at Chicago, December 1994

Review panel, Reference and Bibliographic Materials, National Endowment for the Humanities, January 1993

Executive Council, Association for Computing in the Humanities, 1988-1993

Peer review panel, Personal Computing Branch, National Institutes of Health, April 1992

References available upon request.

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