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Phonetics Lab

Phonetics Lab
Reed Hall

The phonetics lab, which has been in operation since 1998, is used to measure acoustic properties of speech sounds. Two types of research opportunities exist in conjunction with the lab.

  • Lab assistant: Certain Linguistics courses, such as Phonology and Sociolinguistics, often include a unit in which students use the lab for assignments or projects. During terms in which such courses are taught, a lab assistant is needed to provide technical support for the students.
  • Research assistant: Chitoran, Grenoble and Whaley all have ongoing research projects which periodically include the need for acoustic studies.

In some instances, no prior experience in the phonetics lab is necessary; the requisite training will be provided as part of the assistantship. However, in almost all instances only students having taken Linguistics 21 are eligible.

Lab equipment

  • Digital and analog recording equipment (including portable Marantz tape recorder PMD 222, microphones, and headphones)
  • Windows 2000 PC with digital sound card
  • Acoustic analysis software: Praat (available for all platforms), Matlab
  • Scanner
  • Color printer

Last Updated: 1/12/11