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Steering Committee and Faculty

Steering Committee (2012-2013)

  • Devin Balkcom, Associate Professor of Computer Science
    Research Interests: Mechanics of Locomotion and Manipulation
  • Christiane Donahue, Associate Professor of Linguistics, Director of Institute for Writing and Rhetoric
  • Richard Granger, Professor of Psychological and Brain Sciences
    Research Interests: Brain circuit analysis, algorithm development, pharmaceutical development, and robotics
  • James Moor, Professor of Philosophy
    Research Interests: Logic and computing
  • David A. Peterson, Associate Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science, Acting Chair of Linguistics/Cognitive Science, 2013-2014
    Research Interests: Morphosyntax, language change, Southeast Asian languages
  • Timothy J. Pulju, Senior Lecturer in Linguistics/Cognitive Science and Classics
    Research Interests: Comparative Indo-European, functional linguistics, history of linguistics
  • Adina Roskies, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Cognitive Science Coordinator, 2013-2014
    Research Interests: Philosophy of mind, philosophy of science, ethics
  • James N. Stanford, Assistant Professor of Linguistics and Cognitive Science
    Research Interests: Sociolinguistics of less commonly studied languages, dialects, language variation, language and identity, contact, tone, sociophonetics, Sui, Tai-Kadai, computational modeling of language variation and change
  • Lindsay Whaley, Professor of Linguistics/Cognitive Science and Classics
    Research Interests: Syntax and typology, Tungusic languages, Bantu languages

Affiliated Faculty

Visiting Professor

  • Thomas Ernst (Linguistics)
  • Sean Madigan (Linguistics)
  • Sravana Reddy

Last Updated: 10/16/13