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Patents for Fun and Research

Included in this post are search engines and portals where you have free access to patent documents from all over the world. They are best used for locating a patent document or full citation for an item you already know about. The tools listed in this post are not intended to research patentability or prior-art [...] Continue reading

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Dartmouth Ski Tramway

It seems that once again ski season is upon us. Long regarded as a favorite New England skiing and snowboarding destination, New Hampshire boasts a hearty twenty-two skiing areas and resorts. Dartmouth, in extension, is consistently ranked as the prefe… Continue reading

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Cutting Corners (Or Not)

Corners have always been a challenge for me. I think it’s one of those skills you’re either really good at, or you’re always trying to get it just right. When I do get a perfect corner it is a highly satisfying feeling.For most of my bookbinding … Continue reading

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Art Exhibit at the Matthews-Fuller Health Sciences Library

Cut-Paper Drawings by C. A. Santa Maria on display until April 1, 2013 Artist Statement:  C. A. Sanat Maria My papers come from around the globe:  made of mulberry bark, rice, silk.  It can be smooth, transparent, subtle, screeching.  Paper allows me to add and take away at the same time.  I have worked with [...] Continue reading

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Kresge To Be Open Longer Hours

Welcome back! Every so often we get suggestions and requests in our suggestion box at Kresge (it’s outside the front door), and one of the most regular requests is for Kresge to be open longer hours.   So, we’re happy to announce that beginning with this term, Kresge Library will be open until 1am Sunday through [...] Continue reading

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Tools for Annotating Your PDFs!

Welcome to the new year! An important part of “doing research” is reading the literature to learn what others in the field have already done. It’s easy to read the paper and then forget what you’ve just read. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to take notes in (aka annotate) your PDFs? Well, you [...] Continue reading

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Oh, the Weather Outside is Frightful….

It was COLD this morning, and even colder yesterday, but an old time New Englander might pooh-pooh that with a “Hey, when I was a kid, there were weeks in January when we never saw the warm side of zero.” Would he be remembering correctly? Am I really… Continue reading

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