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De Revolutionibus

Copernicus first published his explanation of the heliocentric universe in 1543, the year of his death, but he had been circulating the idea for nearly 30 years. As early as 1514, he distributed a pamphlet-sized manuscript laying out his views. In a se… Continue reading

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New Books!

The new school year is off to a great start here at Feldberg! We’ve got more new books, wonderful data resources and a whole slew of “Knowledge Now” workshops (hosted by our librarians) planned for the term. Stop by sometime and see what we have that might interest you. Here’s what’s on the new book [...] Continue reading

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Traveling Salesman and Other Math Stories

Lately while exercising on a treadmill I have taken up the habit of listening to podcasts. This week I listened to a podcast from Princeton University’s Lunch & Learn series on the traveling salesman problem (TSP). One of the things I find most interesting about this math problem, is that it was first formulated as a math problem only [...] Continue reading

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So Fine

A lot of fine press books are a bit too precious. A beloved poem or short story by a favorite author hand set and lovingly printed on hand-made paper in a simple, yet elegant binding. They are nice–wonderful to hold and to look at, you can run your fi… Continue reading

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E. E. Just Symposium 2012

Celebrating E. E. Just’s Spirit of Scientific Courage Thursday – Saturday, September 27 – 29, 2012 The E. E. Just Symposium at Dartmouth College celebrates the spirit of scientific courage and interdisciplinary research, epitomized by E. E. Just’s scientific contributions. Ernest Everett Just was the pioneering African American scientist who graduated from Dartmouth College in [...] Continue reading

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USGS Videos

A nice way to pass a quiet half-hour on a Sunday afternoon! The US Geological Survey has a terrific multimedia gallery that includes short videos of interest to students and researchers, and longer ones suitable for the classroom. There’s a whole collection on floods, including The Anatomy of Floods: The Causes and Development of 2011’s [...] Continue reading

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Longevity Collection

In the face of our ever-growing obsession with youth, it is good to know that the quest we are on is not new. The study of longevity is an old one, and here at Rauner we have a wonderful collection of books devoted to its exploration. Our “Longevity Co… Continue reading

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Selling It – American Style

The Wrong Box by Robert Louis Stevenson and his stepson Lloyd Osbourne is a black comedy first published in 1889.  The novel relates the tale of the last two members of a tontine and the efforts of one of these survivors to kill off the other and … Continue reading

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New Position: Book Arts Work Shop Special Instructor

I am thrilled to announce the creation of the Book Arts Workshop Special Instructor position (DRM-D) responsible for the day-to-day operation of the letterpress and bindery studios. This new three-year, 3/4-time term position will collaborate with Dart… Continue reading

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What Are Your Favorite Apps?

Recently we asked the Library staff to tell us which iPad apps they like and think would be of interest to the Dartmouth community. Here’s the list; many of these are also compatible with iPhone and iPod Touch and some … Continue reading

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