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Exhibits at Novart

Recent Exhibits

Photography from the Aegis

6/1/2-13 - 8/27/2013



On Exhibit  11/3/12 - 3/30/13


Photographs by Ayda Ramadan '13

Paintings & Prints by Julie Fiveash '13


A Jamaican Journal: Expressing Identity in Art


Art Work by Barbara Stubbs, MALS

On Display in Novack Cafe

5/10 - 9/30 2012

"My artwork represents my growing awareness of the issues I observed and internalized while living in Kingston, Jamaica. All of the sculptures pictured have been cast in bronze or aluminum and are a natural response to concepts of self, identity, culture, nation and people. This body of work is a visual record of my evolution from superficial observer to a person with a deeper connection to Caribbean concerns."




On Display 2/7/12 - 3/12/12

Drawings by Ryan Hueston '14

"I jumped into this project with the intent to capture the optimism and motivation that was the predominant public motivator of the 1940's and 50's. This choice was to not only cater to my own personal tastes, but to provide something wholly unique---when was the last time that you've seen a WWII-era pin-up? However, my admiration of the artwork transcends the sleek art-deco lines and beautifully rendered people. In those old posters and movies, there was always a drive to give the public a reason, rather than a demand, to fight for a cause. In much the same way, my purposes for the art direction in this project were to to provide Dartmouth students with a reason, rather than a demand, to be sustainable.   No matter how noble the cause, or how honest the people, there is no drive without the development of strong personal beliefs that are the foundation to make the small changes, that will eventually lead to bigger changes and a chance for everyone to one day live 100% sustainably."


Photography from the Aegis


Award-winning, best yearbook internationally two years in a row More creative. More outrAegis. More beautiful.

The Aegis exists at Dartmouth College because it is strongly felt that there is a need for a pictorial account of life on the Hanover Plain.

The Aegis shall not be grandiloquent, but the effort is to be made to capture a bit of the splendor, the agony, the triumph, the discouragement --- the green grass, the white snow, the brown mud, and the uniqueness of personage who find in it all something to carry away. Dartmouth College has none other quite like it.

Photographs will be on exhibit in Novack Cafe, 8/3/2011 - 10/15/2011


Fins, Ferns & a Feather


On exhibit in Novack Cafe 9/23/10 - 3/9/11 Barbara Stubbs, MALS

I find that I can say things with color or shape that I cannot express with words. I utilize elements of design in my work such as balance, emphasis, movement, rhythm, proportion and variety.  Fish, feathers and ferns were used to create the one of a kind prints. The prints were made directly from the natural forms.  I hope the compositions communicate a sense of peace and tranquility, which I have always valued.

On Display at NovArt


Art work by Katharine Cholnoky '10 3/28/10 - 9/10/10 in Novack Cafe

Hanover to Haiti


On display 2/24/10 - 3/24/10 Baker Library Main Hall


Led by Jasmine Daniel '10, students worked from noon to midnight on January 30 to paint this mural for a Partners in Health (PIH) clinic in Haiti.  A canvas card is hung next to the mural, and visitors are invited to sign it.  The card and mural will be shipped to a PIH clinic in Haiti at the end or March

Click below for more images on Dartmouth's response to the crisis in Haiti.


On display in NovArt, 2/23/10 - 3/25/10


Acrylic & collage on canvas, 2009 By students at the Esperanza School, Chicago, IL with Kimberly Davis '11

This past fall, Kimberly Davis was an art intern at the Esperanza School for students with disabilities.  She worked with students aged 12 to 21, with disabilities ranging from autism to behavioral disorders.  This painting was done as a collaborative project with one very energetic class.  By using physical motion the students with autism were able to improve their focus.  Art became a means of self expression, when communicating with words was not yet possible.  Through this project the students also grew in self confidence, self awareness, and creativity.  Kimberyly's internship was sponsored by the DPCS program at the Tucker Foundation.  You can learn more about the school at:

On Display in NovArt

Drawings by Elizabeth Klinger '10 10/1/09 - 3/13/10

"Clover Series" Monoprints by Angela Tseng '11 1/13/10 - 6/13/10

liz    clover

Student Artwork in NovArt


Paintings by Alix Perez Lawrence '10 6/5/09 - 12/7/09

Photographs by Megan MacGegor '10 6/5/09 - 12/7/09

Drawings by Elizabeth Klinger '10 6/5/09 - 12/7/09

On exhibit in Novack Cafe Baker Berry Library

There may always by Teapots


Drawings by Elizabeth Klinger, '10. A study of transforming teapots and placing them in new contexts. Charcoal on paper.

On exhibit through winter term, 2009, in the Novack Cafe.

Paintings by Barbara Stubbs


Paintings by Barbara Stubbs,Dartmouth MALS graduate student, are now on exhibit at NovArt, in the Novack Cafe in Baker-Berry Library.  The range of work encompasses Asian influence, exploration of oil paint and additives, and an investigation of natural and man-made objects pursued to abstraction.

Please stop by the library and view the paintings.

The EmBODYment Project

The EmBODYment Project will be on display at NovArt, in the Novack Cafe, Dec. 14, 2007 - March 1st, 2008

The photographs are the work of Caitlin Scafati, a recent graduate of Smith College, and the exhibit features 10 images of everyday people living in recovery from eating disorders, including a Dartmouth student.  Ms. Scafati's exhibit aims "to provide a visceral, visual demonstration that recovery from eating disorders is possible."

Ms. Scafati's work was displayed in Collis on National Love Your Body Day this past October 2007. On the national scene, Ms. Scafati has been featured on the Today Show, in Newsweek, and her exhibit premiered at the 2007 National Eating Disorders Association Conference in California.

More information on the artist and the project can be found on Ms. Scafati's website;

NovArt! - New Student Art Gallery Opening in Novack Cafe


*painting by Soo Jin Lee

Novack Cafe in the Baker Berry Library will be hosting a new student organized gallery - NovArt!  The first exhibition of work will be on display May 10th through July 10th, 2004.  For this first exhibit, student curator Kiku Langford selected students from many different majors and pieces of different media, including paintings, drawings, prints and digital works.

Mike Salter will be joining Kiku as co-curator during summer term, and students interested in submitting their art work should email NovArt for more information.

Last Updated: 9/4/13