Faculty FAQs



  • Are there guidelines or restrictions for making materials available online?
    Yes. Please see the "Guidelines for Online Use of Course Materials" for more information.
  • What is the submission process for requesting using online resources?
    For the process for submitting reserve items, online and physical, for course reserves, see Creating and Submitting Reserve Reading Lists.
  • How long does it take to make something available online for course reserves?
     In the case of online reserves, additional time will be required if library staff need to digitize the resource in-house. Submitting a resource already converted to a digital format or providing a current hyperlink will dramatically reduce the time needed to place the item online for your course.

    The best way to avoid delays in course reserve processing is to have your course reserve list submitted by the pre-term "guarantee by date" deadline as specified.

  • Can I e-mail you files such as tests, problem sets, and other personal documents?
    If you have any digitized resources, such MS Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, etc. that you have authored, please e-mail them to the corresponding course reserve service point. Include the course number in the subject line and provide descriptive information, such as the title of the document for each file, in the text of the message. Items (files) will be processed in the order in which they are received. To ensure that your files are processed concurrently with your Reserve list, please send your files immediately after submitting the reserve form.
  • Can I make an electronic journal article available for online course reserves?
    The library subscribes to over 12,000 full-text online publications. Many items included in these publications may be linked directly to a course reserve list without seeking copyright permission, reducing both the time and cost for processing a list.
  • Can I provide access to course reserves from my Canvas course site?
    Yes. In Canvas, click on the "Library Reserves/Guides" button on the left navigation bar.  Select "Dartmouth College Library Catalog - Course Reserves" to be linked directly to the course reserve page in the library catalog.
  • How do I submit items that are found in the online publications?
    You do not need to print out the hard copy of the article. Instead, indicate in the call number column on the course reserve form that the article is available online. List the online source such as: JSTOR, Ebscohost, or the words 'online subscription'. Please do not forget to provide the author, title, and publication information in the request.
  • Can I use materials that are not already available electronically through the library's online databases?
    Please contact the corresponding course reserve service point to discuss what options may be available. Some materials may be able to be scanned and offered electronically as PDFs. There may be scanning limits due to staff workload considerations. If necessary, the library will seek copyright permission, and online access will be determined by availability or cost.
  • Where can I find other materials that can be offered electronically?
    Digital books and audio files in the public domain may be made available by linking to a persistent URL without seeking copyright permission. There are various databases and indexes of these materials. Additionally, anyone may freely reproduce the address of a web site, to which readers may hyperlink. Best practices suggest proper citation and notifying the web page provider.
  • Authenticating yourself with your Dartmouth ID
    For copyright compliance, you must authenticate yourself through Dartmouth's Web Authorization page to view resources that are neither in the public domain nor available from one of the library's licensed databases. 
  • What if someone is auditing my class and does not have a Dartmouth ID?
    If you have an individual who is auditing the class and is not officially registered, be sure to add them to your Canvas course as a student. They will also need to contact a circulation desk to set up an Auditor Patron Account.  When these 2 steps are taken they will have access to online reserve readings.  Please contact the corresponding course reserve service point with any further questions.
  • Are paper copies still available at the Library?
    Whenever possible, reserve items will be offered as online resources to provide greater student accessibility. However, some resources cannot be offered online. Most commonly, these items fall into two categories: complete or substantial portion of works or when copyright permission cannot be obtained. Please contact the corresponding course reserve service point if you have any questions related to copyright procedures.

    The library has developed contingencies for online resources in instances of extreme distress such as power or network failure.
  • Accessing online resources from off-campus
    Some online resources may need a specific Dartmouth connection.  For detailed information for Off-Campus access, please see: Off-Campus Access at Dartmouth College
    • Questions / Reporting Problems
      Contact the corresponding course reserve service point if you have any questions related to the implementation of this service, or if you discover problems when using the system or viewing a resource.  Please provide your name, the course name or number, the title of the resource, and the exact problem that you are encountering.