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Borrow Direct Login for DHMC Users and Faculty RAs

Resource Sharing Research Guide

If you are looking for more information about Resource Sharing, visit our new Research Guide. This includes information on our different services, how to manage your requests, FAQs, and other helpful tips.

Dartmouth joins BorrowDirect Plus on-site Access and Borrowing agreement

October 1, Dartmouth has partnered with the 11 BorrowDirect institutions and Duke University to launch an on-site borrowing and access agreement. The Duke University library does not currently participate in BorrowDirect, but is a member of the group of libraries offering reciprocal on-site access. Under this new agreement, called BorrowDirect Plus, Dartmouth students, faculty, and staff will have free on-site access to the partner libraries as well as the ability to borrow directly from those libraries. For more information, please see the following two resources:

Dartmouth College Collaborative Access and Borrowing Partnerships

Borrow Direct is available to current DHMC/Lebanon-based Geisel School of Medicine faculty, physicians, and residents with active Dartmouth College Library accounts and faculty research assistants (RAs).

Enter the library barcode from your DHMC or RA ID here:

(Note: DHMC users may obtain a library barcode number by registering at the Matthews-Fuller Library at DHMC. The barcode is a sticker which is affixed to the back of a DHMC ID.)

Last Updated: 9/20/16