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Index of Presses Represented in Special Collections


* Refers to presses in the U.S. Presses listed without numbers have been traced in a "Presses" subject heading but are otherwise classified.

A122 Abattoir*
A124 Abbe, Elfriede Martha*
A191 Adagio*
A221 Adcraft*
A258 Afterhours*
A311 Aitken*
A339 Albondocani*
A343 Albrizzi
A349 Alcatraz*
A351 Alcestis*
A356 Alcuin
A3563 Alcuin Society
A3607 Alderbrink*
A361 Aldergate*
A362 Alderman*
A365 Aldus
A365 (Aldus forgeries)
A367 Alembic
A425 Allen*
A429 Alley Printshop*
A505 Amaranth
A512 Amerbach, Johann
A517 Les Amis de Nandette
A540 Anachronic Editions*
A545 Anderson, Caroline*
A581 Angel Alley*
A582 Angelica*
A584 Angelo*
A618 Anshelm, Thomas
A628 Anthoensen*
A632 Antioch*
  Anton Koberger
A635 Anvil*
A641 Apellicon*
A642 Apiary*
A644 Apollo
A655 Appletree Alley*
A665 Aquila
A667 Archetype*
A673 Archway*
A681 Arden
A698 Aries*
A712 Arion* (ex Grabhorn-Hoyem)
  Arts (of Baker Library Press)*
A815 Ascensius*
A819 Ashendene
A826 Ashlar*
A856 Astolat
A859 L'Astrolabe
A885 Attic*
A945 Avalun
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B128 Backwoods*
B142 Badius Ascensius
  Baker Library Press* (not individually listed; see Archives)
B211 Ballantyne
B217 Baltimore, Lord
B219 Balzac, Honore de
B221 Bandar Log*
B228 Banyan*
B233 Barbera
B234 Barbou
B292 Baskerville
B298 Battell Chappel*
  Bayberry Hill*
B354 Beacon
B383 Beaumont
  Beehive (mostly in Stinehour)
  Beilenson, Peter see Peter Pauper
B413 Bell, Robert*
B416 Les belles feuilles
  Ben Ben*
B439 Bennett*
B440 Beo*
B442 Beresford, Anne*
B443 Berkeley Printers*
B456 Bernardinus de Bindonis
B461 Berthelette, Thomas
B468 Bevilacqua
  Bevilacqua, Simon
B476 Bieler*
B532 Bird & Bull*
B544 Bissinger*
B558 Bixler*
B5604 Black Archer*
B5606 Black Cat*
B565 Black Mack*
B5607 Black Manikin (Paris)
B5608 Black Sparrow*
B561 Black Sun
B5613 Black Vine*
B568 Bledlow
B619 Bliss*
B622 Blue Anchor*
B623 Blue Moon*
B625 Blue Sky*
B633 Bodoni (Montagola & Verona)
B632 Bodoni (Parma)
B631 Bodoni (Saluzzo)
  Bodoni (Verona) see Bodoni (Montagola & Verona)
B638 Bonellus
B644 Book Club of California*
B647 Book Club of Texas*
B67 Bow & Arrow*
B675 Bowen*
B727 Bradford*
B7275 Bradford, William*
B729 Bradley
B73 Bradypress*
B734 Brandywine
B74 BreadLoaf*
B75 Bremer
B77 Bridge*
B774 Bridge & Byron*
B776 Brighton*
B778 Brindabella
B785 Bromer
B791 Brooks
  Brothers of the book*
B795 Brown, Michele*
B798 Brown Ziggurat* (see also Ziggurat)
B82 Buckner
B876 Bulmer
B972 Byrd, W.*
B999 Byway*
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C1277 Caliban*
C128 California University*
C135 Cambria
C144 Cambridge University
C145 Camelot*
C149 Camotio
C170 Capra*
C174 Capricorn*
C175 Caradoc
C176 Caravel
  Carl Purington Rollins* (x-ref to Rollins, C. P.)
C215 Carnegie Institute of Technology (Dept. of Printing)
C23 Carr*
C243 Carriage House
C255 Carrousel*
C273 Castalia*
C279 Castle Press*
C281 Catawba*
C283 Catfish*
C285 Cathrijne (Utrecht)
C317 Caxton
C3173 Caxton Club*
C3177 Caxton Head
C318 Cayme
  Cedar Press
C326 Cedar Tree Press*
C334 Chamberlain*
C359 Champoeg*
C36 Chaplin, Bob*
C422 Cheloniidae*
C4237 Cherryburn*
C424 Cheshire*
  Cheshire House
C429 Cheylesmore (London)
C439 Chilmark*
C445 Chimaera
C448 Chiswick
C451 Chocorua*
C49 Cinamon* (see Cinamon, G. E.)
C495 Circle
C541 Clarendon
C55 Clay, Richard
C589 Cleland*
C599 Cleverdon
C615 Close-Grip*
C627 Club of Odd Volumes*
C672 Coffee House*
C674 Cole-Holmquist*
C682 Colines
C684 Colish*
C699 Collier, T.*
C72 Colt*
C723 Columbiad Club of Connecticut*
C734 Comet*
C737 Commonwealth*
C739 The Compulsive Printer* (see also D'Ambrosio)
C751 Conde Nast*
C762 Connaissais
C768 Contre Coup
C776 Cooper Union*
C79 Copeland and Day*
C8187 Corvinus
C819 Corydon*
  Cotty, Anne-Claude
C498 (sic) Couclouma
C832 Countryman*
C848 Cranach
C85 Cranbrook*
C863 Cres
C864 Cresset
C867 Cricket*
C869 Crow's Mark*
C891 Cuala
C912 Cummington*
C916 Cuneo*
C92 Cupid
C949 Curwen
C992 Cygnet*
C996 Czechoslavakia State Printing Office
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D185 Daedalus
  D'Ambrosio* (see Compulisive Printer)
D215 Dandelion*
D221 Daniel
D242 Darby*
D247 Dartmouth College Library Book Arts Workshop*
D325 David, Matthew
D327 Davidson, Laura
D334 Daye, John
D344 Dean*
D37 De la More
D448 Derrydale*
D496 De Vinne*
D562 Didot
D578 Dieu Donne*
D645 Ditchling (x-ref to Saint Sominic)
D638 Docter*
D679 Dogwood*
D687 Doldrums*
D696 Dolmen
D698 Dolphin
D722 Domesday
  Dorstal Demenico Louisa
D742 Double Elephant*
D751 Doves
  Doxey (x-ref to Lark)
D831 Driftwind*
D837 Dropmore
D84 Drucker, Johanna*
D842 Drugulin
D91 Dun Emer (x-ref to Cuala)
D961 Dwiggins* (x-ref to Dwiggins, W. A.)
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E12 Eakins*
E13 Easy Hill*
E22 Eden Hill*
E23 Ediciones Armino
  Edwin B. Hill* (x-ref to Hill, Edwin Bliss)
E47 Ellis*
E478 ELM* (Wallingford, Penn.)
E479 Elm*
E48 Elm Tree*
E485 Elmete
E49 Elston*
E519 Elysium*
E52 Elzevir
E522 Elzevir (American)*
E56 Encino*
E57 Engdahl Typography*
E58 Engle*
E59 Enschede* (see also St. Onge)
E63 Ephrata
E65 Eragny
E68 Eremite*
E78 Essex House
E81 Estienne
E86 Eucalyptus*
E92 Evans, Edmund*
E94 Ewert*
E96 Ex Ophidia*
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F2127 Fanfare
F213 Fanfrolico
F278 Favil
F313 Feathered Serpent*
F493 Fine Arts Press, University of Oregon*
F513 Firefly*
F515 Fireweed
F518 Fitzgerald*
F625 Flamingo*
F635 Fleece
F639 Fleuron*
F662 Florence
  Flying Fame
F779 Fortune
F824 Foulis
F825 Fountain*
F827 Four Ducks*
F854 Franklin*
F872 Fredericks, Claude*
F92 Froben
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G111 Gaberbocchus
G127 Gaine*
A362 Garamond (see Alderman)
G159 Ganymed
G184 Garden View
G264 Gefn
G274 Gehenna
G284 Gemor*
G289 Gentry, Helen*
G296 Georgian*
G39 Giglio
G40 Giligia*
G41 Gill (x-ref to Gill, Eric)
G414 Gillick*
G416 Gilliss*
G436 Giolito de' Ferrari
G437 Girs*
G438 Giunta (x-ref to Junta)
G48 Glegg*
G555 Godine*
G565 Golden Cockerel
G5652 Golden Cross*
G5654 Golden Dog
G5656 Golden Eagle*
G5657 Goose
G5658 Golden Head
G5659 Golden Hind*
G566 Golden Quill*
G567 Goldene Brunnen
G582 Gollancz
G653 Gordon
G662 Gosden Head*
G665 Gossamer
G752 Grabhorn*
G7522 Grabhorn - Hoyem*
G753 Grace Hoper*
G755 Grady*
G762 Gran Quivira [nip]*
G765 Granary
  Graphic Arts workshop (x-ref to Baker Library Press; file in Archives)
  Gravesend* (x-ref to Hammer, V.K.)
G795 Grayhound
G797 Graywolf*
G823 Green, J.*
G826 Green, S.*
G835 Green & Spooner*
G845 Green Mt.*
G859 Greenwood*
G862 Gregynog
G865 Grenfell
G869 Grey Bow*
G895 Grolier Club*
G898 Grønlands admin.
G929 Gryphius
G982 Gutenberg
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H117 Haddon*
H129 Halcyon
H131 Hale*
H183 Hammer* (x-ref to Hammer, V.K.)
H1832 Hammer Creek*
H191 Hand and Flower
  Hanover* (D.C. Hist.)
H214 Harbor*
H235 Harcourt-Brace Keepsakes*
H245 Harrison*
H25 Harsy
H251 Hart, Leo*
H261 Harvard University*
H271 Hasegawa
H317 Hawthorn House*
H3172 Hawthorn Press
H318 Hawthornden
H332 Haymarket
H365 Heintzemann*
  Hellbox* (see Hammer Creek)
H389 Henkel*
H425 Heritage*
H427 Hermetic*
H428 Hermit
H43 Heron*
H435 Heron (Boston)
H445 Hertzog*
H462 Hesperides
H485 Heyeck
H524 Hidy, Lance*
H537 High House
H541 High Loft
  High Noon* (x-ref to Hammer, V. K.)
H546 Hildreth*
H554 Hilleary & Petko*
H559 Hillside*
H5592 Hillside, Franklin, NH (interfield under Tilton with x-ref)
  Hillside, Tilton, NH
H678 Hogarth
H717 Holiday*
H735 Holiseventh
H766 Hoover
  Hornby (x-ref to Ashendene)
H816 Hours
H911 Hunt* (Elmer Munson)
H924 Hunter*
H926 Huntington*
H953 Hyder*
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I12 Ibarra
I32 Impressions Workshop*
I34 Imprimerie Nationale
I345 Imprimerie Royale
I36 Imprint Society*
I39 Indiana Kid*
  Ink-well* (x-ref to Sign of the Ink-Well)
I59 Insel-Verlag
  Interplayers (x-ref to Sign of the Interplayers)
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J 144 Jabberwock*
J159 Jacout
J254 Janiculo
J267 Jansson
J268 Janus* (U. S.)
J487 Jesse*
J546 Jionji
J613 John Barnard*
J6133 John Crowne Companionship*
J6138 Johnck & Seeger*
J636 Johnston, Paul*
J942 Julian Editions
J969 Junta
J971 Junto*
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K15 Kairos*
K171 Kavanagh Hand-Press*
K294 Keller*
K298 Kelly-Winterton
K299 Kelmscott
K384 Kennedy, Lawton
K394 Kesset*
K524 Kickshaws
K588 King Library
K611 King's Printers
K617 Kingsport*
K634 Kirgate*
K636 Kitemaug*
K767 Knots Press*
K769 Koch, Peter*
K855 Kraft
K868 Kraushar*
K889 Kreydlein
K897 Knipp Andrea*
K997 Kynoch
K998 Kyobunkwan
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L-D Allen (x-ref to Allen)
L113 Laboratory*
L114 Le Livre
L128 Labyrinth*
L149 Lakeside*
L263 Land Marks*
L265 Lane*
L314 Lapina
L325 Lark*
L368 Laughlin*
L371 Laurel*
L373 Laurentian*
L51 Lee Priory
L536 Leiter-Nypels
L555 Letterio Calapai*
L560 Liddle, Matthew
  Lilliputter (x-ref to Elm Tree)
L564 Lime Kiln*
L565 Lime Rock*
L629 Limited Editions Club*
L661 Lion and Unicorn
L863 Lone Goose*
L874 Lord John*
L876 Lorenz*
L895 Los Angeles City College
L896 Los Angeles Club*
L963 Luchtmans
L964 Lucky Dog*
L966 Ludwig
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M118 McArthur*
M136 McCorquodale
M137 McCreery
M229 McMurtrie*
M263 Madeley
M275 Magpie
  Main Street, Inc. - vid Penmaen
M312 Mandrake
M322 Maple*
M332 Marchbanks
  Margaret I. King Library* (x-ref to Hammer, V. C.)
M339 Marion*
M385 Mason Hill*
M389 Massmann, Robert E.*
M422 Mathews
M432 Maverick*
M497a Meles Vulgaris
M505 Menhaden
M512 Merat
M539 Mercury*
M542 Meriden*
M543 Meridian*
M552 Mermaid
M554 Merrymount*
M583 Metacom*
M623 Millpond*
M687 MIsserini
M736 Miller (Greenland)
M741 Monadnock*
M761 Montanihiaume
M765 Montford, B.
M826 Morison
M828 Morning Star*
M829 Morning Sun*
M850 Mosaic
M853 Mosher*
M864 Mountain House*
M923 Munder
M927 Munsell*
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N171 Nash*
N425 New Broom
N432 New Clairvaux*
  New Dresden*
N456 New Hampshire Publishing Company*
N458 New Overbrook*
N489 New York Chappel*
N567 Nightowl*
N589 Ninja
N731 Nonesuch
N738 Norman*
N739 Normandie House*
  North Country* (x-ref to Stinehour)
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O25 Obelisk
O29 Oelgart, Isaac*
O33 Ogham*
  Bodoni see Bodoni (Montagola & Verona)
  Oficyna Stanislawa Gliwy
  Old Vicarage
O44 Oliphant
O47 Olive
O48 Oliver*
O62 Opperman
O65 Opuscula*
O69 Oriole*
O76 Orpheus
O96 Overbrook*
O98 Oxford University
O99 Oyez*
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P181 Palaemon*
P183 Palmetto*
P313 Peacocks
P319 Pear Tree*
P348 Pegasus
P363 Pelican
P364 Penmaen*
P372 Pennyroyal*
P382 Penumbra*
P413 Peregrine*
P418 Peripatetic*
P4187 Persihable*
P419 Periwinkle*
P441 Peter I, the Great
  Peter Kavanagh Hand-Press* (x-ref to Kavanagh Hand- Press)
  Peter Os
P4414 Peter Pauper*
  Philadelphia Museum College of Art*
P549 Philosopher*
P5495 Philpott*
P551 Phineas*
P584 Pichon
P586 Pickering
P5862 Pickering* (U. S.)
P634 Pigeonhole*
P6518 Pincus
P652 Pine, John
  Pine Tree Press*
P690 Plain Wrapper Press*
P694 Plantin
P6941 Plantin Press* - Los Angeles
P712 La Pleiade
P718 Plimpton*
P75 Pocahontas*
P749 Poliphilus Fount P759
P764 Pomegranate*
P847 Poot!"*
P862 Pouch!"e, Louis John
P868 Pouterman
P8841 Prairie*
P888 Pratt Adlib*
P922 Press at Colorado College*
P923 Press at Tuscany Alley*
P924 Press on Washington Street*
P925 Presscraft Papers*
P935 Primavera*
P936 Princeton*
  Printer's Devil (see Baker)
P937 The Printery*
P939 Privateer
P9398 Privy Council*
P944 Prometeo
P995 Pynson*
Q32 Quail*
Q34 Quentell
Q35 Quercus*
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R112 Rabanus
R115 Raccoon*
R125 Raintree*
R147 Rampant Lions
R159 Random House*
R174 Ransom, Will*
R184 Rara Avis
R194 Rasmussen*
R196 Rather
R212 Raven
R219 La Razon
  Reading, Carolyn*
R233 Rebecca Press*
R243 Red Angel*
R246 Red Coat
R2464 Red Hen
R2467 Red Howler*
R246 Redcoat*
R247 Red Ozier
R249 Red Tower*
R25 Reed, Philip
R251 Reed Pale
R359 Riccardi
R360 Ricci (Franco)
R361 Rice, F.
  Risk - see Typographeum
R5101 Ritchie, M.
R524 Riverside*
R525 Rivington*
R62 Rod & Cone*
R631 Rogers, Bruce
  Rohse, H.
R652 Rollins, Carl Purington*
R722 Rosemary*
R727 Rosenthal*
R784 Rounce & Coffin Club*
R795 Rowfant*
R805 Roxburghe*
R813 Roycroft*
R814 Royen
  Rubeus, Joannes
R833 Rudge, W. E.*
R87 Rumble*
R92 Russia
R932 Rutgers University*
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S122 Sacon
S133 Saint Albans
S136 St. Dominic
  St. Hieronymous*
S147 St. Nicolas
S149 St. Onge (see also Enschede)
S165 St. Teresa
S193 Samurai
S232 Sandlin's*
S235 Santa Susana*
  Santucci (x-ref to Hammer, V. K.)
S254 Saturday Night & Sunday*
  Saur, Christoph* (x-ref to Sower, C.)
S327 Scarlet Ibis
S364 Schoffer
S368 Scholartis
S369 School of Fine and Performing Arts, Roger Williams College, R.I.*
S375 Schori
S377 Schreiber, Ilse
S385 Schwarz*
S384 Schwartzott*
S432 Scorpion
S431 Scotto, G.
S433 & S434     Scripta
S442 Seaver*
S462 Seizin
S480 Sequoia*
S492 Servire
S495 Seton Village*
S521 Seymour*
S524 Shagbark
S526 Shaker*
S527 Shakespear Head
  Sherman, F. F.*
S559 Shoe String*
S576 Sign of the Dolphin*
S5776 Sign of the George*
S5778 Sign of the Ink-Well*
S578 Sign of the Interplayers*
S5788 Signet
  Simmons College Print Shop*
S58 Skeptical Press*
S633 Slide Mountain*
S66 Slow Lons*
S655 Small Planet Press
S667 Sombre Reptiles*
S67 Somesuch*
S698 Soncino
  South Hill Press*
S725 Southam
S728 Southworth*
S728 Southworth-Anthoensen
S7311 Sower, Christopher*
S759 Spiral*
S766 Alden Spooner*
S779 Stagecoach*
  Stagnino, Bernadino
S78 Stahlecher, Karen*
  Stamperia Valdonega (see Valsddonega)
  Stamperia del Suntuccio (x-ref to Hammer, V. K.)
S784 Stanbrook Abbey
  Stanford University*
S792 Stanton
S859 Stinehour*
S881 Stone & Kimball*
S8812 Stone House*
S8814 Stone Wall*
S888 Stovepipe
S898 Stratford*
S913 Strawberry Hill
S918 Strugalla, Johannes
S929 Studio*
S972 Swan
S985 Sylvan
  Syracuse University*
S995 Sytin, I. D.
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T144 Talisman*
T152 Tamazunchale*
T159 Tantalus*
T212 Tatlin*
T215 Taylor [W. Thomas Taylor]
T219 Taylor & Taylor*
T256 Temoye*
T312 Texas Western*
T338 Thaumatrope*
  Theodorous de Rogazonibus
T345 Theodore*
T349 Thistle*
T363 Thomas, I.
T365 Thomas, Peter & Donna*
T367 Thomwillow*
T413 Three Bears*
T4138 Three Monks*
T414 Three Mountains*
T487 Timothy Dwight College*
T544 Todd, Thomas
T573 Tokyo Printing Company
T583 Tomato*
T616 Tonson
T63 Torch*
T677 Tragara
T731 Trianon
T733 Tridino (de), Johannes
T757 Troutbeck*
T758 Trovillion*
T85 Turnebe, Adrien
T865 Turratum
T917 Twelve by Eight
T93 Two Horse
T95 Tymms
T96 Typographeum*
T98 Typophiles*
T996 Tze Tzan
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U3 Uchitel*
U53 Underground*
U57 Unicorn*
U579 U. S. Government Printing Office
  University Press (Club of Odd Volumes)
U582 University of Iowa Center for Book*
U58 University Press
U581 University Press(England)
U60 Untide*
U66 Updike*
U69 Uphill*
U73 Urbino, University of
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V172 Vagabond*
V2231 Valdonega*
V234 Vale
V238 Valgrisi
V243 Valley Press, Kamakura
V351 Van Rees
V473 Verdussen
G723 Village*
V75 Vine
  Vostre, Simon
V957 Vreeland*
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W134 Waite & Bull
W146 Waldmann und Pfister
  Wall, Bernhardt*
W165 Walpole*
  Ward, Ritchie* (x-ref to Ritchie, Ward)
W220 Warde, Frederic*
W225 Warwick*
W275 Washburn*
W29 Watch Hill*
W246 Wattle Grove
W368 Wayside*
W378 Weather Bird*
  Wells College* (x-ref to Hammer, V. K.)
W524 Westerham
W526 Westgate*
W53 Westminster
W586 White Owl
W592 Whiteknights
W618 Whittingham
W619 Whittington
W684 Willow*
W691 Wilson, Adrian*
W711 Wind River
W722 Windhover
W723 Windmill
W724 Windsor*
  Windward (x-ref to Baker)
W725 Windy Row (Peterborough)
W85 Wolff (Kurt Wolff)
W853 Woodchuck
W885 Wooly whale*
W991 Wynkyn de Worde
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X71 Xochitl
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Y12 Yale University*
Y16 Yankee Ink Dauber*
Y24 Yellow Barn*
  Yellow Kid* (see Shaker)
  Yellowsand Press
Y244 Yolla Bolly*
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Z18 Z Press
Z14 Zamorano, Augustin
Z43 Zenger*
Z63 Ziggurat* (see also Brown Ziggurat)
Z64 Ziletti
Z69 Zilverdistel
Z85 Zucig*
Z999 Presses, Issues of Miscellaneous
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