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  • Rauner Special Collections Library
  • 6065 Webster Hall
  • Hanover, NH 03755
  • Tel: (603) 646-0538
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Exhibitions at Rauner

Rauner Special Collections Library installs numerous exhibits throughout the year as a part of our outreach efforts to the community. At any given moment, the exhibit space in the Class of '65 Galleries is filled with fascinating items from our collections. Here you can browse the posters, labels, and materials from current as well as previous exhibits.

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Current exhibit - detail

A year and a half ago we decided it was time to more fully embrace this social media thing, so we started posting on Instagram. If you don’t know, Instagram started out as an easy way to share vacation photos while on the go, but, like most social media, it transformed into a venue for self expression. We have an awful lot to express, so it has been fun.

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Last Updated: 3/25/17