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Current exhibit - detailBeing Well:
Life, Death, Medicine & Inequality

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Exhibitions at Rauner

Rauner Special Collections Library installs numerous exhibits throughout the year as a part of our outreach efforts to the community. At any given moment, the exhibit space in the Class of '65 Galleries is filled with fascinating items from our collections. Here you can browse the posters, labels, and materials from current as well as previous exhibits.

Now Showing

Being Well: Life, Death, Medicine & Inequality

Current exhibit - detail

“Illness is the night side of life,” writes Susan Sontag, “A more onerous citizenship. Sooner or later, each of us is obliged … to identify ourselves as citizens of the kingdom of the sick.” But what does it mean to be ill? How do individuals, families, communities, and health care practitioners navigate passages between wellness and illness? How does access to medicines and other therapies – be they “traditional” or “modern” – shape these decisions? What does socioeconomic inequality have to do with this? And what do we do when medicine can’t save our lives?

These student-curated exhibits speak to these questions. Explorations into good lives and good deaths; plants, people and medicines; and illness narratives as inflected by race in America, the work in these displays emerged from ANTH 7.02 The Values of Medicine. This First-Year Seminar taught by Prof. Sienna Craig is dedicated to exploring such questions through in-depth engagement with Rauner Special Collections.

The exhibit was curated by Michael Brown ’20, Zoë Brown ’20, Kyle Clampitt ’20, Racquel Lyn ’20, Matthew Parker ’20, and Becca Rosko ’20.

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Last Updated: 5/4/17