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Exhibitions at Rauner

Rauner Special Collections Library installs numerous exhibits throughout the year as a part of our outreach efforts to the community. At any given moment, the exhibit space in the Class of '65 Galleries is filled with fascinating items from our collections. Here you can browse the posters, labels, and materials from current as well as previous exhibits.

Now Showing

"Power,Honor and Authority": Samson Occom and the Founding of Dartmouth College

Current exhibit - detail As Dartmouth approaches the 250th anniversary of its founding, many of us are reflecting on the institution’s history. The idea that Dartmouth was founded as an “Indian School” prevails today as a dominant narrative among many members of the public as well as those associated with the College.

The truth behind the College’s founding is far more complex. Eleazar Wheelock’s original stated intention was to open a school to convert Native Americans to Christianity. His reasons were primarily because he literally feared for their souls, but also because he thought this mission would address the conflicts between European Americans and Native Americans. He eventually abandoned this goal in a pragmatic pursuit of financial gain and prestige. Central to this story is the life of Samson Occom, the first Native American who Wheelock trained into the ministry. This exhibit explores Occom’s role in the founding of Dartmouth College, and the documentary history of Wheelock’s changing intentions.

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Last Updated: 9/9/16