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Paul & Laura Caravatt

Paul Caravatt, Green Book image Name: Paul Caravatt
Class: 1945
Military Unit: US Army

Paul Caravatt Name: Laura Caravatt


Listen to the interview :

Laura: "Hanover changed a lot after the war started when they had officers training. Every morning when I walked to work, there would be a whole platoon of officers going down the street, marching. Sometimes the one leading them, when they got along where I was, he would say, 'Eyes right!' and the boys and I would say 'hi.'"

Paul: "[President] Dickey started us on a path of becoming more aware of the rest of the world [with the 'Great Issues' course]. He brought us something new because of the interest in the international."

"There was an obvious - on the part of the professors - an obvious feeling that we had separated, not negatively... but they were looking to be sure that we didn't change so much that their course didn't have to change."

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Last Updated: 9/9/16