How It Works

The Project Technicians pull together a weekly shipment of 60 sequentially numbered volumes.

This involves using various reference tools to identify titles and locations within the library system, and a spreadsheet to document the information.

Item records are created for each volume. We are then able to use the circulation system, via pseudo-patron ids to track each volume through the process and retrieve a volume if it is needed.

Scanning a newly created item record barcode

Assessment and pre-treatment repairs to prepare for digitization.

pre-repair spines post-repair spines
Spine repairs, before and after

Readex picks up 60 volumes and returns 60 earlier volumes.

Returned volumes are assessed and final repairs are made. (Treatments made throughout the process include cleaning volumes and consolidating red rot, tissue repair of torn pages and fold out maps, and as needed board reattachment and full spine repairs).



Tissue hinges are added to improve board attachment

Original spine pieces ready to be reattached after spine repair
map prerepair mappost
Removing tape from back of map Tissue repair of map

They are then returned to the shelves.

stackssideshot fullstacks
Digitized and repaired Serial Set volumes in the stacks