Sounding the Depths

2010 LogoERICA BOYCE, '10 | 2010 Honorable Mention
Sounding the Depths: Five-hole Japanese stab binding with sandpaper cover; letterpress and digital printing on pressure-printed vellum pages.

We have a complicated relationship with the ocean. We rely upon it as we degrade it, we find joy and fear in it, we are fascinated and, at times, repelled by it. I wanted to explore that complexity with this book. I letterpressed excerpts from my journals and poetry from the past five years onto pressure-printed vellum pages, whose colors get darker as the book progresses in an attempt to simulate descending through the water column. I covered the book in sandpaper upon which I letterpressed the title in an effort to imitate the effects of moving from sand to water. The pages were bound together using a five-hole Japanese stab binding so that the pages, when opened, undulate like waves. – Erica Boyce, ‘10

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