The Legend of the Blood Sphere

logoDEREK TOMS, '07 | 2007 Book Arts Grand Prize
"The Legend of the Blood Sphere": leather on boards with copper plate etchings

The Legend of the Blood Sphere displays an extraordinary range of technical achievements with two-color etchings, careful selection of font to support the layout, and hand bound leather on boards. The cornerpieces, made of the same copper plate used for the etchings, give the reader a hint of what lies inside. The selection of materials all support the composition of this ambitious book.

blood-sphere1 blood-sphere2 blood-sphere3 blood-sphere4 blood-sphere5 bloodsphere6 bloodsphere7 bloodsphere8 bloodsphere9 bloodsphere10 bloodsphere11 bloodsphere12 bloodsphere13 bloodsphere14 bloodsphere15