Letterpress Type

The Letterpress Studio has many different typefaces for you to choose from. You can view by name or scroll through.

Metal Type   Wood Type

Metal Type (click typeface to view)

Bank Script


Baskerville Italic


Bernhard Cursive Bold

Bernhard Cursive Light



Bulmer Italic

Caslon Bold

Caslon Oldstyle

Caslon Oldstyle and Italic

New Caslon

New Caslon Italic


Cloister Black

Corvinus Bold

Craw Modern


Franklin Gothic Extra Condensed

Franklin Gothic Wide

Futura Bold Condensed

Futura Light

Futura Medium Italic

Gothic Condensed No. 524

Gothic Extra Condensed

Gothic Italic

Goudy Text



Kennerly Italic



Lydian Bold

Lydian Bold Italic

Michelangelo Titling

Palace Script


Palatino Italic

Park Avenue

Spartan Black

Sistina Titling

Univers 65

Wedding Gothic

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Wood Type (click typeface to view)

36 line French Antique XXX condensed

20 line Roman extra condensed

16 line Gothic XXX condensed

15 line Clarendon extra condensed

12 line Antique light face

12 line Gothic Tuscan condensed No. 3

12 line Gothic XX condensed

12 line French Antique XXX condensed

10 line Antique

10 line Gothic extra condensed

10 line Page No. 500

10 line French Clarendon condensed

10 line Ionic extra condensed

9 line Clarendon condensed

8 line Gothic extra condensed

8 line Roman condensed

6 line Clarendon extended

6 line Caslon condensed

6 line Round gothic

6 line Gothic Tuscan XX condensed

6 line Antique Tuscan XX condensed

5 line Aldine expanded

5 line Clarendon condensed

4 line Round gothic

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