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Paddock Exhibits

  Camp Harmony:  Music of the Japanese American Internment, May 15 - June 20

Japanese Exhibit ImageThis exhibit serves as an introduction to the role of music in the Japanese American internment camps of the 1940s.  The misnomer "Camp Harmony" was the unofficial nickname of the Puyallup, Washington Assembly Center, where Japanese-American internees were held until assigned to established  "colonies" during World War II.  While the Japanese American internment camps of the 1940s have striking similarities to Nazi concentration camps, public knowledge and discourse regarding the American internment camps is underdeveloped.  In both instances, however, fear-mongering by state leaders brewed widespread suspicion of and unjustified resentment toward particular ethnic groups, resulting in unspeakable crimes against humanity.   Prisoners in Japanese-American internment camps used music as a coping mechanism, a means of staying connected to ethnic and national roots, and, in some instances, as a form of resistance.  Alternatively, music was used by oppressors to enforce assimilation and obedience.    As racism and xenophobia continues to go unnoticed or ignored, this exhibit aims to remind viewers that awareness of injustice is essential for moving towards a livable, safe world for all.

Exhibit curated by Betty Kim '20 and designed by Memory Apata, Paddock Music Library

Last Updated: 5/30/17