Dartmouth Student Advisors on Libraries and Computing

DSALC Charge

The Dartmouth Student Advisors on Libraries and Computing (DSALC) acts as a leading forum for dialogue between Dartmouth students and both the Library and Computing Services. DSALC provides the opportunity for students to participate in the advisory and decision-making processes that guide the development and enhancement of library and computing resources and services. The forum's goal is to provide Dartmouth's diverse student community with the best services possible through direct consult and conversation.

The purpose of the group is twofold. 1) To solicit student input on library and computing resources and services. 2) To provide students with opportunities to learn about and explore unique aspects of these departments from "behind the scenes".

  • The areas of discussion and feedback include but are not limited to the following:
  • Communication methods between the Dartmouth College Library, Computing Services and Dartmouth students;
  • Student focused services, such as learning spaces, technology and equipment, research assistance, computing support, and the Library's and Computing's web presences.
  • Programs and policies initiated by the Library and Computing Services.
  • Tours and presentations for student advisors that highlight specialized resources and services of particular interest to them.
  • An annual joint meeting with either the Council on the Libraries or the Council on Computing to share perspectives and priorities.

DSALC Membership

The Library's goal is to represent as many diverse areas of the undergraduate and graduate student body as possible in DSALC's membership. Members will be appointed for one year, with an opportunity to renew.  DSALC will meet twice a term during Fall, Winter, and Spring, resulting in a 4 hour/term time commitment for members.  All interested students are encouraged to contact library.e&o@dartmouth.edu.

Contact DSALC coordinators

Laura Barrett, Library
Ridie Ghezzi
, Library
Amanda Albright, Computing
Anna Lynn Doster '12, Library

Baker Tower