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Kresge Library Staff

Jane Quigley Katie Harding Lora Leligdon
Jane Quigley
Head, Kresge Physical Sciences Library
& Cook Mathematics Collection

Phone: 603-646-3564
Earth Sciences
Katie Harding
Physical Sciences Librarian

Phone: 603-646-9958
Computer Science and Mathematics
Lora Leligdon
Physical Sciences Librarian

Phone: 603-646-3845
Astronomy & Physics, Chemistry
Karen MacPhee Marcia Pirone Lisa Ladd
Karen MacPhee
Library Supervisor

Phone: 603-646-3840
Marcia Pirone
Document/Technology Specialist

Phone: 603-646-3567
Lisa Ladd
Collections Specialist

Phone: 603-646-3566
Student Assistants Summer 2016
Kresge Student Assistants
Spring Term 2016

Last Updated: 2/21/17