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Reserving Space in the Libraries

If you are interested in scheduling a classroom, you need to contact the Registrar of the College at (603) 646-4040.

Instructional Center

Berry Instructional Center (Carson Room 61, Level 1)

Faculty can reserve instructional centers for teaching their classes or for bibliographic instruction. The Berry Instructional Center contains 20 workstations for students and a faculty workstation. The faculty workstation has the ability to project the image from the monitor onto a projection screen located at the front of the room. For more information see:


Two types of lockers are available in the Baker/Berry Library. Steel lockers with combination locks are located throughout the stacks in both Baker and Berry. Cabinet lockers with keys, located on Berry Levels 3 and 4, are reserved for students working on theses. For more information see:

Scholar Studies

The Baker/Berry Library assigns scholar studies to individuals in support of their scholarly activities. Information regarding Scholar Studies is available. You can also contact Alison Eakin, coordinator of Scholar Studies.

Study Rooms

The Baker-Berry Library offers eight "self-bookable" study rooms to Dartmouth students, faculty and staff.

  • Berry 367, 368, 405, & 406
  • Baker 152 & 158
  • Novack Cafe 72 & 73
The rooms are intended to be used for collaborative group study and may be booked only for this purpose.  See the Baker-Berry Study Spaces site for more information.

Biomedical Libraries


Several rooms are available in the Biomedical Libraries for classes, meetings, individual research, or group study. The rooms are available only during the hours the library is open. For more information, see:

Last Updated: 6/16/17