If you do not have VPN working on your computer, you may be able to use an alternative login pathway.  Some, but not all, library resource providers offer logging in via a protocol called Shibboleth.  If that is available, you will see a link that is labelled something like "login via your institution".  Follow the "Login" link option provided on the information resource site. Select the option that is labeled something like Institutional Login or Your Institution or Shibboleth Login, then select the InCommon or U.S. Higher Education option, then Dartmouth College from a pull down list.  Use your Dartmouth netid and password to log into the site.  Dartmouth College supports the Shibboleth software and is a member of the InCommon Federation, which is the U.S. Higher Education organization.  You may see an option to log in using Athens, which is the UK Federation, but that login path will NOT work for Dartmouth users. Contact Ask Us for assistance.