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Modify Search

What is a "Modify Search?"

The Modify Search feature can only be used after a Keyword Search. It allows one to use the same limit functions that are available through the Limit/Sort. It also lets you add additional keywords to your search statement and sort your results (1) in date descending order and (2) alphabetically by title.

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How do I modify my search?

After you have completed a Keyword Search:

  1. Click on the "Modify Search" button. This will take you back to the Keyword Search screen.
  2. Add any additional keywords you want and set the pre-limits you want in force. You can use multiple criteria.
  3. Set the "Search and Sort" pop-up menu to your choice. It is automatically set to sort by date in descending order.
  4. When you are ready to execute the search, click on the "Search" button or hit "Return".

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Year of publication

To limit your results to items published before or after a certain year, fill in the appropriate box and leave the other one empty.

Screen Shot

To limit results to a specific year or range of years, fill in both boxes. In this example, results are limited to 1995.

Screen Shot

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Material Type

Use the Material Type limit to restrict your search to the formats below. Note that the default setting "ANY" does not apply a limit - it retrieves all items regardless of material type.

ANY No limit applied
Maps Limits to atlases and sheet maps
Music recordings Musical recordings on CDs, LPs, tapes, etc.
Scores Limits to musical scores
Spoken word recordings Speeches, readings, etc. on CDs, LPs, tapes, etc.
Videos/DVDs Limits to projected media, including slides, filmstrips, and daguerreotypes

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Electronic format

Use this limit to restrict your results to the formats below. The default is set to ANY, which retrieves all items regardless of format.

ANY No limit applied
All Electronic Resources Limits to Web sites, CD-ROMs, FTP sites, etc.
Web Resources Limits to web resources listed in the catalog
CD-ROM Limits to databases, multimedia presentations, etc. on CD-ROM

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The Journal limit restricts results to items that are published serially, such as magazines, journals, electronic journals, newspapers, yearbooks and annuals. The default setting, ANY, does not apply a limit - it retrieves all items regardless of format. TIP: To limit your results to electronic journals, set the Electronic format menu to "All Electronic Resources" and set the Journal menu to "Journals/Newspapers."

ANY No limit applied
Journals/Newspapers Limits to journals, magazines, newspapers, annuals, and irregular serials

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Government Documents

This limit allows you to restrict your search to government publications published at the federal or national level, including publications by governments other than the United States. This limit does not apply to documents published by state or local governments, nor does it include those published by international organizations, such as the United Nations.

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The Manuscripts limit only applies to actual manuscripts, not facsimilie editions. All manuscripts are located in Rauner Special Collections.

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If you are looking for books written in Spanish (French, or English, etc.), set the Language menu to the one you need. The twenty most frequent languages in the library catalog are listed by order of frequency. If the language you need is not in the list, you can execute your search as Keyword Search using a Language Code. For a list of language codes and instructions on their use, follow this link.

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Enter a keyword from the publisher's name in the limit box, such as Knopf or Norton.

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Where Item is located

This limit allows you to restrict your search results to a specific library. Limits are available for the following locations:

  • Baker-Berry Library
  • Dana Biomedical Library
  • Feldberg Business & Engineering Library
  • Kresge Physical Sciences Library
  • Matthews Fuller Health Sciences Library
  • Paddock Music Library
  • Rauner Special Collections Library
  • Sherman Art Library
  • Storage Library

If you want to limit your results to a collection not on this list, such as Dana Reference or Baker/Berry Tower Room, you will need to reformulate your search as a Keyword Search using the appropriate location code. For instructions, follow this link.

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Search and Sort

You can search and sort by date (descending order), by alphabetical order, or by relevancy ranking using the pop-up menu.

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The help I need isn't here...

Please contact a Reference Librarian for assistance with the problem you're having.

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Last Updated: 5/16/17