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Author Searching

What is an author search?

An author search allows you to browse for items by author.

An author is the person, artist, composer, government body or organization responsible for the creation of the content of a work. An author search will find works by that author - not about that author.

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Personal names

Enter the last name first and include as much of the name as you want.

gould s
gould steph
gould stephen j

For authors who go by their first initials, do not spell out their names, and leave a space between the initials.

eliot t s

Authors with no last name are entered as is:

joan of arc

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Multiple authors

If you want to search for books that were written by two or more authors (for example, Strunk & White), it is best to do a keyword search. One can usually enter the authors' names joined with the connector "and" (e.g., strunk and white). If you want your search to be more precise, you can also specify that the names be retrieved only if they appear in the author field (a:strunk and a:white). For additional instructions with search examples, refer to the Field Searching section of the Keyword Search page.

Another option is to do an author search and limit it by the second author's name. To do this, do an Author search (e.g., Strunk). Then click on the Limit/Sort button. Set the pop-up limit button at the bottom of the Limit/Sort screen to "Words in the Author" and enter the second author's name (e.g. White). Click the "Limit/sort items" button to initiate the limit.

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Corporate authors

A corporate author is any group or organization that is responsible for the content of a published work. Examples of corporate authors include organizations, corporations, governmental entities, and musical or artistic groups.

Enter the name of the corporate author and include as much of the name as you want.

beatlesA musical group
guerrilla girlsAn artistic group
united nationsAn international organization
ford motor companyA corporation
dartmouth college ad hoc commEnter as much as you want

ibm - Retrieves a cross-reference to the correct heading, "International Business Machines," as well as related entries that use the abbreviated form, such as "IBM Deutschland" and the "IBM Gallery of Science and Art."For corporate bodies that are best known by their abbreviations, search using the abbreviated form.

unhcr - Leads to the correct entry, "Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees."

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Conference names as authors

Conference names can be searched as authors. Omit any numerical or date-related information from your search, e.g. for the 5th Conference on Automated Deduction, enter "Conference on Automated Deduction."

world food summit
conference on automated deduction
ieee conference on visualization

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Limiting & Sorting your author search

If you retrieve too many entries from your author search, click on the Limit/Sort button to narrow down your result set. Examples of limits that are commonly used with author searches are listed below. The only available sort option is by date, from latest publication date to the earliest.

For information on all available Limit/Sort options, follow this link.

search frost robert
then limit to Spoken Word Recordings, copies in Baker/Berry Stacks, Electronic Resources, Manuscripts

search shakespeare william

then limit to Videos and DVDs, published by Norton, Electronic Resources, published before 1700

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Last Updated: 5/16/17