DCLSA Liaison Page

Liaison: "A person who helps organizations or groups to work together and provide information to each other." -Definition provided by Merriam-Webster online

Who's My Liaison?

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DCLSA Liaisons are important and represent each department of the library. The Liaison position is a voluntary, unelected position requiring a one-year commitment. After each year, each Liaison will be contacted by the new President of the DCLSA to confirm whether he or she will continue serving as Liaison or if the individual prefers to step down. Department heads will be contacted to coordinate Liaison replacements.


1. Liaisons serve to disseminate information to their library department as requested (i.e., put up DCLSA promotional posters when asked, etc.). They may attend monthly DCLSA meetings if they wish, and vote along with the Board, although they are not required to.

2. Liaisons notify the Welfare Committee Chair* of any occasions requiring acknowledgement by the DCLSA with flowers or donations. Such occasions include, but are not limited to:

a) Births; b) Adoptions; c) Deaths; d) Marriages; e) Illnesses; f) Civil unions; g) Departures

For Flower Requests:

a) email the Welfare Committee

b) please include full address of recipient (no PO Box)

c) please include delivery times

d) phone number of recipient is needed by delivery personnel

A Few Common Questions:

Does the circumstance have to be a short-term declared illness? -No.

Does the individual have to be hospitalized? –No; same day surgery, ER and out of work for a few days as well as in-hospital stays all qualify.

*The Welfare Committee welcomes new members and arranges for flowers, cards, or contributions to acknowledge births, illness, marriages or civil unions, graduations for Staff members or as an acknowledgement for the loss of a staff member or their immediate family member. 

What’s ‘immediate family?’ -The Welfare Committee follows the guidelines from the Dartmouth Employee handbook:  An immediate family member is defined as an employee’s child, spouse or domestic partner, parent or guardian, sibling, grandparent or grandchild. Stepparent/child/sibling relations and current parent or grandparent-in-law, brother or sister-in-law and son or daughter-in-law are included in this definition.

(please contact the Welfare Committee for clarification)