Library Mission and Goals - FY 2009

Strategic and Operational Goals

Goal 1. Develop a culture of assessment that ensures continuous improvement.

  1. Evaluate and integrate recommendations from the Provost’s Library External Review process into goals. [FY09]
  2. Create a program of library assessment activities which includes pre and post program assessment to identify resource need and impacts of new initiatives, and opportunities to modify or eliminate existing activities. [FY09-FY11]
  3. Deepen staff understanding of assessment techniques and the use of data to inform decisions. [FY09-FY11]

Goal 2. Provide optimal physical and digital environments that advance research and education.

  1. Complete the redesign of the library web site. [FY09]
  2. Implement security and authentication protocols for library servers and resources to comply with campus-wide initiatives. [FY09]
  3. Audit Library facilities to identify and prioritize facility/space needs. [FY09-FY11]
  4. Develop a needs analysis, budget plan, and staff support model for desktop equipment and systems (hardware and software) including deployment, replacement and support. [FY09-FY11]
  5. Design a business continuity plan, including disaster planning, succession planning, health and life safety training. [FY09-FY13]

Goal 3: Recruit, develop and retain exceptional staff committed to our service culture and philosophy.

  1. Explore opportunities for Library system-wide student employee training. [FY09]
  2. Evaluate and redesign the StaffWeb in order to make it an effective tool for communication and productivity. [FY09]
  3. Develop career advancement opportunities for non-exempt staff. [FY09-FY11]
  4. Optimize available resources and invest in new technologies to enhance development and training for all staff. Be proactive in influencing staff training opportunities throughout the college. [FY09-FY11]
  5. Develop staff project management skills. [FY09-FY11]
  6. Empower staff to embrace risk taking and nimbleness. [FY09-FY13]

Goal 4. Develop information resources and services that support research and education at Dartmouth, and ensure that these are readily accessible and known to all the Library’s communities.

  1. Integrate the COUTTS vendor system into the infrastructure support and workflows for Library bibliographers. [FY09]
  2. Finalize and implement the marketing and communications plan; modify plan to engage and partner with the College's initiatives. [FY09]
  3. Develop a program for the creation of local digital collections. [FY09-FY11]
  4. Examine role of library liaisons; determine how to leverage their relationships with faculty and students to improve library services [FY09-FY11]
  5. Develop and evaluate an effective suite of tools for information discovery and delivery. Stay aware of new technologies and their possible benefits for the Dartmouth community. [FY09-FY11]
  6. Develop a formula for shared payment/costs for new initiatives/content. [FY09-FY11]
  7. Identify opportunities outside Dartmouth for cooperative collection development and shared services. [FY09-FY11]
  8. Create a digital repository of Library information resources, including policies for digital preservation, content prioritization, and interoperability. [FY09-FY13]

Goal 5. Build collaborations to support faculty scholarship and open access to scholarly information.

  1. Assess the Library’s digital publishing program. [FY09]
  2. Advance campus understanding of scholarly communication issues, including the author rights addendum, copyright issues, and repositories. [FY09-FY13]
  3. Coordinate with other campus programs that support faculty scholarship and teaching. [FY09-FY11]

Goal 6. Educate and empower the Dartmouth community to be lifelong learners and effective users of information.

  1. Plan for a program to enable flexible, responsive support from the Library for the integration of IT and library research into new teaching and learning initiatives at Dartmouth. [FY09]
  2. Improve communication with Alumni about resources and services available to them. [FY09]
  3. Strengthen collaborations with faculty, academic programs, and student support services to teach students lifelong research skills. [FY09-FY11]
  4. Develop a research and learning skills program integrated into the College curriculum that targets students through their college career. [FY09-FY11]

Goal 7. Provide leadership and support for College initiatives and priorities.

  1. Implement a Library donor stewardship program, including regular communication with donors of endowment funds and named spaces. [FY09]
  2. Develop support for the Library as part of the Campaign for the Dartmouth Experience. [FY09-FY11]
  3. Continue collaboration with Peter Kiewit Computing Services on current and emerging technologies and strategies for digital infrastructure. [FY09-FY11]
  4. Participate in development & implementation of an institutional digital strategy. [FY09-FY13]