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Library Mission & Goals

Mission   The Dartmouth College Library fosters intellectual growth and advances the mission of Dartmouth College and affiliated communities by supporting excellence and innovation in education and research, managing and delivering information, and partnering to develop and disseminate new scholarship.

Vision   Inspiring ideas for personal transformation and global impact.

Values   In our daily work, we adhere to the principles of fairness and equality, and we believe that each user of the Library is unique and important. We aspire to provide the best possible patron experience while maintaining a comfortable, welcoming and secure place for study, research, work, reflection and interaction. We anticipate and contribute to scholarly inquiry and embrace our role as collectors and custodians of the intellectual record.  - Dartmouth College Library Values, April 2011 (PDF)


Assessment: Continue to strengthen the culture of continuous improvement through ongoing assessment of Library activities and programs.

Infrastructure: Provide physical and digital infrastructures that advance research and education.

Staff: Recruit, develop and retain exceptional staff committed to our service culture and philosophy.

Information: Develop information resources and services that support research, education, and healthcare at Dartmouth

Publishing: Build collaborations to support faculty, graduate, and undergraduate student scholarly publishing.

Learning: Teach members of the Dartmouth community to be effective users and producers of information to meet their current academic needs and prepare them for a lifetime of learning and of responsible leadership.

Institutional collaboration: Provide leadership and support for College initiatives and priorities.

Marketing: Market the Library’s information resources and services to all the Library’s communities.


Dartmouth College Library: Strategic Thinking 2015-2020 (2015)


Dartmouth College Library FY17 Initiatives

FY17.1 Implementing the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy through the development of the Dartmouth Academic Commons, using Symplectic Elements 
Sponsor: Barbara Sagraves
Lead:  Jen Green

This initiative furthers the implementation of the Dartmouth Faculty Open Access Policy, which states that "The faculty at Dartmouth are committed to disseminating the results of their research and scholarship as widely as possible" and that the implementation of this policy be "as convenient for the faculty as possible."  Through this initiative, in collaboration with faculty and Information Technology Services, we are focusing on a critical component of the Dartmouth Academic Commons (DAC), Symplectic Elements, that enables efficient and accurate gathering of information about journal article publishing at Dartmouth. 


FY17.2 Data Management
Sponsor: Barbara Sagraves
Leads: Laura Cousineau, Barbara DeFelice, Jane Quigley
Data Management Team Co-Leaders: Pamela Bagley, Lora Leligdon

Although the need for research data management support is strong in many departments at Dartmouth, this support is scattered among several units, including the Library. We will do an environmental scan of Dartmouth activities, benchmark data management programs, expand our expertise and teaching activities, and promote collaborative cross-institutional efforts. Our goals include increasing the number of workshops, increasing the Library’s knowledge of data management itself as well as what units on campus offer services, and promoting the Library’s role in research data management to all members of the campus community.


FY17.3 Library Website Redesign & Drupal Implementation
Sponsor: Jennifer Taxman
Leads: Jane Quigley, Anthony Helm

The Library has embarked on a major project to redesign its website in Drupal, a powerful content management system adopted by the College that will afford multiple benefits to library patrons and staff.  The primary goal is to develop and deliver a user-focused, effective, and engaging web platform for the library’s services and resources; other goals include developing staff expertise with Drupal, and establishing the web governance structures and policy framework needed for the website to function effectively.  


FY17.4 Rauner Dartmouth Library Digital Repository
Sponsors: Anthony Helm, Barbara Sagraves, Jay Satterfield
Lead: Caitlin Birch

With increasing frequency, archival and manuscript materials are entering Special Collections in digital form with the potential to change the nature of research in Special Collections by allowing near universal access to original materials at any time and place in the world with an internet connection. In order to serve both the local and world-wide scholarly community, we will create the infrastructure to manage, preserve, and insure reliable and easy access to born-digital and digitized materials from Rauner Special Collections Library. This initiative is designed to integrate Rauner’s collections and workflows into the emerging DLDR ecosystem. 


FY17.5 Records Analysis and File Planning
Sponsor: Jennifer Taxman
Lead: Jerry Lucente-Kirkpatrick

Together the Records Management and Archives programs will create a work plan that most effectively targets Dartmouth departments and administrative units with the greatest need, and where the greatest benefit can be realized. The primary goal will be to create file plans and retention schedules for our digital content in OnBase, but the work plan will also ensure that current physical records are included in the overall records strategy for each department, and that records being store in locations other than the Records Center and OnBase are properly managed as well. This effort will ensure that the tradition of compliance we have established with the Records Center will also be a reality in our digital records repository.


FY17.6 Experiential Learning
Sponsor: Jennifer Taxman
Leads: Laura Barrett, Barbara DeFelice

The new program for FY17, Preparing students to be arbiters of new scholarship: Editing, reviewing, and publishing in the 21st century, provides an opportunity to enhance Dartmouth students’ experiences through an educational program founded on experiential learning and reflective practice.  Publishing in the 21st century raises many complex issues of rights of readers and authors, open access to the world, broader impact of scholarship, and credit for scholarship. Students will grapple with these big issues in regard to their work and the work of their peers. Students who have worked on publishing in their undergraduate years become much more sophisticated producers and consumers of content, and these experiences can spark their professional interest.   


FY17.7 DLD
Sponsor: Barbara Sagraves
Lead: David Sturges

The Library seeks to add a third phase to the Dartmouth Library Depository (DLD) collections shelving facility at 56 Etna Rd. This additional space is critical to allow management of our growing collections and to accommodate on-campus initiatives and space needs. We currently store over 550,000 volumes (about 22% of our collection) off-site and this additional space will enable the Library to store approximately 325,000 additional printed volumes, large scale maps, and other resources that, while less frequently used, continue to be critical to the educational and research agendas of Dartmouth faculty and students. The current facility is over 90% full, allowing limited growth.


FY17.8 Dartmouth Scholars Collaboratory
Sponsor: Jennifer Taxman
Leads: Ridie Ghezzi, Carole Meyers

The Dartmouth Scholars Collaboratory initiative (previously called the Digital Scholarship Center) will move to Phase 2 planning.  In Phase I we identified key players, undertook online and on-site discussions benchmarking similar work at peer institutions, and wrote an initial report on our key findings. We later amended these findings to include a summary of the individual meetings with Dartmouth faculty, administrators and Library and ITS staff as we developed an understanding of viewpoints and needs within the Dartmouth community. For FY17 we will begin to hone our strategies through the development of a charter or mission statement for the Collaboratory, an intake form for the Center, and estimated staffing needs.


FY17.9 Programmatic Space Exploratory Review & Planning
Sponsor: Dean of Libraries
Lead: Jennifer Taxman

The research, teaching, learning, and information technology needs of faculty and students have evolved since the original planning for the Baker Berry Library over sixteen years ago as well as for all other libraries across campus. This exploratory initiative will provide a structure to review the Library's programs and operations, as well as other academic units based within the libraries, and their roles in supporting research, teaching, and learning; reaffirm current collaborative partnerships among the areas and identify new ways of working together; and begin the process to re-envision not only the Baker Berry Library complex, but all libraries for the next decade.

Last Updated: 4/19/17