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Baker-Berry: Student Exhibits

Ryan Yuk '09: 5 Chairs

Ryan Yuk posterRyan Yuk '09 has built these remarkable chairs over the past year at the Woodworking Workshop in the Hopkins Center.

Ryan's work has been funded in part by a Peter D. Smith Student Initiative Award and the Nathan W. 1932 & Kathleen P. Pearson Fund.

Berry Main Street, May 16 - June 30, 2009

Ryan Yuk gallery at Woodworking Workshop web site.

Screening eMotions: An Installation by Si Jie Loo

Si Jie Loo posterThrough various rites and patterns such as DOC trips, the culture of wearing "flares", the Greek scene, the bonfire and the striving for academic achievement, Dartmouth manages to structure our emotions. This structuring of emotion tends to stifle more impromptu expressions outside these boundaries, because we carefully pick and choose how to express our ourselves to match suit these occasions and everyday rituals. Consequently, we run the risk of forgetting how to express ourselves outside of these boundaries.

In this public art project, I attempt to create a scenario that allows Dartmouth community members to express their hidden emotions. By putting a two-sided mirror and a "Grafitti" wall in public space, I anticipate the direct interaction between the art and its viewers, with each spectator reacting to what has been expressed before. In this way, one will be able to see how emotions can be experienced, related, and relayed. The public display of art brings people together at a personal level. This project aims to provide a public setting for Dartmouth community to express their private emotions and to recognize, unexpectedly, each other's emotions in a setting where they are customarily hidden within traditions, social patterns, and expectations.

Carson-Novack Corridor, June 30 - July 7, 2009

Part of The Leslie Center for the Humanities 2009 Summer Arts festival.

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