Installing Millennium

Millennium software for Windows, Macintosh, and Linux is downloaded from CSDirect.  Contact your Millennium Coordinator for the username and password.  If your Millennium Coordinator is not available, email

NOTE: To install Millennium on a Mac, you may need to temporarily change a setting. From the Apple menu, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General > Allow apps downloaded from: "Anywhere." If that option is greyed out, you may need to unlock the setting first by clicking on the padlock icon near the bottom left of the window. This change needs to be made before you download the Millennium client, so if you miss this step, delete the downloaded file and re-download it. After installation is complete, you should reset the security setting to whatever it previously was.

Step 1: Download the appropriate Millennium client for your operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux) from the CSDirect downloads page to your desktop.  On the CSDirect downloads page, click the Millennium Environment link.  Under the "Downloads and Instructions" heading, click on the link to your operating system (Linux, Mac, Windows).  Finally, under "Instructions", click on the appropriate Preferred Millennium Environment link for the most current client available for the release we're on.   

To determine the current release that Dartmouth College Libraries are on, log into any Millennium client and go to the Help menu (top of screen) and click on "About."


Step 2: When the pop-up window appears, click the Save File button.  Save the file to the desktop.


Step 3: Close all programs before installing Millennium.


Step 4: Double-click on the milup icon.

Windows users: If you get a security warning ("The publisher could not be verified..."), click the Run button.  Wait until the "Install Anywhere" routine has finished loading.

Mac users: After double-clicking on the milup icon, double-click the install icon.


Step 5: At the Introduction screen, click the Next button.



Step 6: At the Choose Shortcut Folder screen (Mac users, you'll see a Choose Alias Folder screen), click the radio button where you would like the Millennium icon to appear.  If you are installing Millennium for the first time, or if you don't have much experience installing software, click the radio button next to On the Desktop, then click the Next button.

Choose Shortcut

Step 7: At the Specify Millennium Server screen, type the following into the Server domain name/IP address field:  NOTE: Always use hostnames to connect to the Millennium server. We do not guarantee long-term stability of IP addresses.

Specify Millennium Server image

Step 8: Review the information on the Pre-Installation screen, making sure the server name has been spelled correctly.  (If the server name is not correct, click the Cancel button. You will need to start over at Step 4.)  If the information is correct, click the Install button.

Pre-Install Summary image

Step 9: The Installing Innovative Millennium screen shows installation progress and can be ignored.  When the Install Complete screen appears, click the Done button to exit the installer.

Installing Innovative Millennium image

Step 10: Delete any of the following files from your desktop, as you no longer need them: milup.exe,, the Millennium install icon, or the Innovative_Millennium_InstallLog files from your desktop.


Step 11: Check your installation!  Double-click the Millennium icon, log in, and perform a basic function (for example, search for a title).


Remember: If you have any difficulty installing Millennium, contact the Millennium Coordinators assigned to your department.