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About "The Oral Nature of the Homeric Simile"

William C. Scott’s The Oral Nature of the Homeric Simile has been re-issued as an electronic book by the Dartmouth College Library, to coincide with the digital and print publication of Professor Scott’s 2009 publication, The Artistry of the Homeric Simile (University Press of New England: Hanover and London).

The electronic versions of both books are publicly available for non-commercial use, free of charge, at the Dartmouth College Library's Digital Publishing website:

These publications are the result of a partnership between the University Press of New England, Dartmouth College Library, and Professor Scott.

WILLIAM C. SCOTT is emeritus professor of classics at Dartmouth College. His previous publications include The Oral Nature of the Homeric Simile, Musical Design in Aeschylean Theater, Plato’s The Republic with Richard W. Sterling, and Musical Design in Sophoclean Theater.

Copyright 2009, William C. Scott.

Last Updated: 4/19/17