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Dartmouth Digital Publishing: Journals

The Digital Publishing Program publishes the journals listed below. All are open-access and can be read in full by anyone.

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Journal of e-Media Studies

The Journal of e-Media Studies, founded by Professor Mark Williams, promotes the academic study of electronic media. This new online journal showcases the best new scholarly work on current and historical issues regarding electronic media.



Linguistic Discovery

Linguistic Discovery

Linguistic Discovery is a data-focused, refereed online journal which promotes research on lesser studied languages. It utilizes the capabilities of the digital environment to provide scholarly information, including audio and video content, in the field of linguistics research.




Latino Intersections

Latino Intersections

Latino Intersections is a multi-faceted Web site inspired by the Latinos 2000 Conference held at Dartmouth College in February 2000, which brought together scholars, students, artists, and activists from all over the United States. The site is a collaborative effort between the Department of Spanish & Portuguese and the Dartmouth College Library.



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Last Updated: 5/30/17