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Collection Area

Television Studies

General Purpose

To collect materials in Television and Radio to support the Department of Film & Television Studies and any other departments which want to use Television resources for research and teaching.

Dartmouth College Program

Film and Media Studies has been a part of Dartmouth College for 20 years. The program has evolved over time from Film Studies to Film and Television Studies to Film and Media Studies.

General Subject Boundaries

To collect as broad a range of resources on American fictional television and broadcast radio. We collect historic classic television programs, those current programs that are big hits and programs that for whatever reason were talked about.

Because of cost and space considerations, the Library will only collect 3 seasons of any one television program. The only exception to this is when a faculty member is doing extensive research on a television program or personality. For example, there is a faculty member doing research on Lucille Ball and I Love Lucy.

As Film & Television offers a course in Television Journalism, we will also collect samples of various news programs that support the curricula.


The collection is limited to English language programming. There has been a small attempt to acquire non-English materials. Visiting faculty have used these programs for their courses. The foreign language bibliographers also selected television programs in the languages they cover. Those materials are sometimes the basis for current English language programs.

Geographic Areas

The collection is primarily limited productions made in the United States, Great Britain and Ireland. There are some programs in the collection produced elsewhere. The foreign language bibliographers augment the collections with their selections.

Types of Material Collected

The largest parts of the materials collected are books and various media. The books tell of the history of radio and television or offer criticism of television or radio programs or the influence of television on society.

Format of Materials Collected

The Radio and Television collections include, compact discs, DVD's and books. There is also a small periodicals collection.

Other Resources Available

LC Class

PN 1991 to PN 1991.9 (Radio)

PN 1992 to PN 1992.92 (Television)

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Lucinda M. Hall

Last Updated: 8/5/16