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General Purpose

To support the curriculum of the Education Program and the needs of the Dartmouth students, faculty and administration. This includes works on higher education and college and university administration.

Dartmouth College Program

The Education Program offers two kinds of study to undergraduates: (1) the examination of educational theory, issues, and research as part of a liberal arts education, and (2) a sequence of courses leading to teacher certification on the elementary or secondary level. Although the College does not offer a major in education, students can minor in education. Liberal arts courses in the natural sciences, humanities, social sciences, and the arts contribute to meeting the subject requirements for teacher certification.

General Subject Boundaries

Most of the material on education will be found in the social sciences and humanities collection in Baker/Berry Library. The majority of resources are devoted to the education of children and adolescents from early childhood through high school. A smaller body of literature on higher education is also acquired for the general collection, and the professional schools (medicine, business) select material on education in their areas of interest. The College Archives in Rauner Special Collections includes much educational material on Dartmouth College.

The collection includes educational theory, issues in education, educational policy, the principles of elementary and secondary school teaching, early childhood education, and special education as well as cross-disciplinary areas such as the anthropology of education, philosophy of education, politics of education, psychology of education, moral education, urban and rural education, and the history of education. Material on legislative and administrative regulation at the national level and in New Hampshire and Vermont is also acquired.

The Library excludes school text books, work books, curriculum guides, and other instructional material although some curriculum sources are included in ERIC Educational Documents collection. Some material of this type is collected by the Education Department for students developing lesson plans and other class requirements.


English is the primary language of the collection although there are occasional reference works and monographs in foreign languages when specifically requested and through blanket orders with OECD and UNIPUB.

Geographic Areas

The United States is emphasized. Some material on Canadian and British education and international and comparative education is also acquired.

Types Of Material Collected

Monographs, serials, reference resources, statistical sources, abstracts, indexes, and bibliographies are collected.

Format Of Materials Collected

Appropriate materials are collected in all formats.

Other Resources Available

The Library relies heavily on materials available through InterLibrary Loan. These include both the Research Library Network (RLG) and OCLC networks which connect.

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February 1999, (William C. McEwen)

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