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Collection Area


General Purpose

The collection primarily supports the instructional and research needs of the undergraduate students, graduate students, postdoctoral associates and faculty in Chemistry, as well as serving the needs of visiting scholars from other institutions.  The collection also supports research in many science departments of the College, notably Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Environmental Studies, and Physics. It supports the instructional and research needs of the Thayer Engineering School and the Dartmouth Medical School, and the work of the Office of Environmental Health & Safety.  Programs and research centers that rely on the chemistry collection include, among others, the Center for Nanomaterials Research @ Dartmouth (CNR@D), an interdisciplinary research center with faculty from engineering, chemistry and physics, and the Toxic Metals Research Program, an interdisciplinary program of the Center for Environmental Health Sciences at Dartmouth.

Dartmouth College Program

Research interests of faculty within Chemistry are varied.   Research areas include

  • Organic chemistry (natural products chemistry, synthetic methods, and medicinal chemistry; also asymmetric catalysis, organometallics, and molecular machines);
  • Biological / biophysical chemistry (structure and function of biomolecules using NMR, laser spectroscopy, X-ray crystallography, calorimetry, and computational methods);
  • Materials chemistry (polymers, sensors, surfaces, molecular machines, and nanomaterials);
  • Inorganic chemistry (bioinorganic and organometallic);
  • Experimental and theoretical physical chemistry (laser spectroscopy, NMR, statistical mechanics, quantum mechanics)

Programs leading to undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. degrees are offered. In addition, an Honors thesis project opportunity for undergraduate students with a minimum GPA is offered.

General Subject Boundaries

Chemistry is the QD classification of the Library of Congress classification scheme and 540-548 of the Dewey system. All Dewey classed material is housed in the Storage Facility; the major portion of the QD material is housed in Kresge Physical Sciences Library. While all Chemical Abstracts classification system sections are represented in the general Dartmouth College Library system, the chemistry collection in Kresge is more oriented to organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Some chemistry material is housed in other libraries, based on imprint date (Special Collections), popular treatment (Baker), or major subject treatment other than chemistry (Feldberg, Dana). In the areas of biochemistry, enzymology, protein/peptide chemistry, biophysical chemistry and medicinal chemistry (to name a few), the majority of materials are found at Dana Biomedical library. In the area of chemical technology, the collection is maintained at Feldberg Business and Engineering Library. In addition, the proceedings and transactions of a number of academies of science and scientific societies (both national and foreign) are often interdisciplinary in nature and were historically housed at Baker Library.


English is the predominant language of materials in the chemistry collection, but no language is excluded. Much of the older chemical literature is in German.

Geographic Areas

There are no geographical limitations to the acquisition of chemistry materials.

Types Of Material Collected

Monographs, journals and other serials, theses and dissertations, indexes and abstracts, bibliographies, society publications, and reference works are purchased in a variety of formats.   Online versions of journals are preferred where they meet criteria for stable and perpetual access, and relevant license requirements.    Indexes and abstracts are licensed as online bibliographic databases.  Reference works, books and book series are increasingly purchased as online editions. 

Format Of Materials Collected

No format is excluded.

Special Collections and Manuscripts

There are no Special Collections or Manuscripts specifically related to chemistry within the library system.

Other Resources Available

The Library's resource sharing services provide access to materials not collected in chemistry.

Related Collection Development Policies

Biology; Engineering; Medicine; Physics

Revision History

1991 (Ellie Clement); 2009 (Jane Quigley)

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Jane Quigley

Last Updated: 8/5/16