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General Purpose

The Anthropology collection supports undergraduate instructional and research needs. It also attempts to meet, to as great an extent as possible, the research needs of the faculty. Primary emphasis has been placed on prehistory; biological anthropology; and social and cultural anthropology, including specific geographic areas such as Mesoamerica, North America, circumpolar regions, and Africa.

Dartmouth College Program

No graduate degrees are offered in Anthropology. Traditionally, course and research work has centered around the four major areas of Anthropology: Cultural Anthropology, Ethnography, Prehistory, and Biological Anthropology. The anthropological aspects of the following programs are also supported: Native American Studies, African and African-American Studies, Latin American and Caribbean Studies, Asian Studies, and Women's Studies.

General Subject Boundaries

Most of the anthropology collection is located in Baker, although part of the collection which covers biological and medical anthropology and cross-cultural psychiatry, is in the Dana Biomedical Library. Library of Congress classes GN (Anthropology), GR (Folklore), and GT (Manners and Customs) include most anthropological literature. Because of its inter-disciplinary nature, however, it overlaps with a number of disciplines, including: literature (folklore), medicine, music (ethnomusicology), psychology, sociology, religion, geography, linguistics, and art. In addition to those areas, collection development policies in Archaeology, Native American Studies, African and African-American Studies, and Women's Studies should be consulted.


English is the primary language of the collection although material in other languages including [French, Spanish, and German] is also collected; German language materials are currently collected mainly as serials and monographic series. No language is excluded. Rather, the level and quality of the publication is the determining factor in the selection decision.

Format and Types Of Material Collected

The collection consists primarily of monographs, periodicals, and reference sources such as the catalog of Harvard's Tozzer Library and other standard periodical indexes, abstracts, and bibliographies. The Library also receives government documents and microforms related to Anthropology, and subscribes to the Human Relations Area Files, an important cross-cultural microfiche collection of indexed and translated articles and monographs.

Special Collections and Manuscripts

In addition to the Stefansson Collection of Polar Resources, there is a small amount of material specifically related to anthropology in Special Collections.

Other Resources Available

Aside from resources available in RLG libraries, there are no resources on a local or regional level which affect collection activity. While collection at the levels indicated is appropriate for Dartmouth, the presence in the region of "level 5" collections in anthropology at Tozzer and in Southern Africa at Yale, and a 4-5 level African collection at Boston University, has enabled easy referral of patrons with intensive research needs.

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February 1992 (G. Finnegan)
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