Borrowing Privileges - Visiting Faculty


  • Any individual holding a visiting or adjunct faculty appointment in Arts & Sciences, Medical School, Thayer School, or Tuck School.


  • All are pre-registered in the Library system.
  • A current, valid Dartmouth College ID is required to establish eligibility for library services.
  • There is no registration fee for visiting faculty.
  • Privileges expire when the faculty member has left Dartmouth. Privileges cannot be renewed until all fines and other obligations have been cleared.
  • The privileges are non-transferable and may be used only by the person to whom they are issued.
  • The Dartmouth ID establishes eligibility for the services described below and must be presented when requested by a library staff member.

Library Access

  • Onsite access is offered to all collections in all Dartmouth libraries, with a valid Dartmouth ID.

Borrowing Privileges

  • Loan period is 365 days, unless otherwise specified by the individual library.


  • Any registered user may recall material that is currently checked out. ALL materials, checked out by ANY patron, are subject to recall.
  • You may request a recall at the Circulation Desk. We will notify the current user the following day that this item now has a new, earlier, due date. Once it has been returned, we will send you a Hold Pick-up Notice, letting you know that the item is on the hold shelf at the Circulation Desk.
  • Each user is entitled to keep an item for a minimum amount of time, calculated from the original check outdate, before it is eligible for recall:

                  Books - 14 days

                  Journals - 1 day

  • Exception: Items recalled by the Reserve Services Desk are due back to the Circulation Desk IMMEDIATELY.  Resource sharing ( BorrowDirect and DartDoc ) items are due back within 5 days. Failure to return resource sharing recalled items promptly may result in blocked library privileges.
  • If you receive a recall notice, it will name a new due date. The item must be returned to the Circulation Desk by that date, or overdue fines will be charged. Overdue fines on recalled items are $1.00 per day, per item.
  • Recalled items CANNOT be renewed.
  • This recall policy remains in effect throughout the year, INCLUDING INTERSESSION. To avoid overdue fines and /or blocked accounts return your books before you leave campus.


  • Most library materials may be renewed up to three times via phone, email, Internet, mail, or in person. They do not have to be returned to the library.
  • Exceptions include recalled materials, course reserve materials, and non-print materials from the Jones Media Center and other collections. These materials must be physically returned to the library and may be eligible to be checked out a second time if another patron is not waiting for the material.
  • Materials with a 365-day loan period can only be renewed after 270 days from the circulation/renewal date.
  • The phrase "Too Soon to Renew" will be displayed next to an item if it cannot be renewed.
  • For more information and contact information for each Dartmouth Library: Renewals

Unreturned Materials

  • Patrons are responsible for all materials checked out to them.
  • Any materials not returned, lost, or stolen, must be replaced.
  • Please help us avoid unnecessary replacement costs by returning all material.

DartDoc (Interlibrary Loan)

  • Materials that Dartmouth does not own may be obtained from other institutions through DartDoc.
  • This service is free for visiting faculty.

Borrow Direct

  • Borrow Direct is  available to visiting faculty.
  • Borrow Direct allows faculty, students and staff at Dartmouth College to directly request books from the combined library catalogs of Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, University of Chicago, University of Pennsylvania, Princeton, Yale, and the Center for Research Libraries.

Reference Services

  • Reference service is available in all libraries at no charge.

Educational Services

  • Services such as tours, orientation, and workshops may be available. Consult with the appropriate library to determine availability.