iPads @ the Dartmouth Biomedical Libraries

The Dartmouth Biomedical Libraries are pleased to offer iPads for checkout to Dartmouth and DHMC faculty, staff and students with current library borrower accounts. The availability of these iPads is part of a partnership with the Geisel School of Medicine, meant to increase the use of educational technology for enhancing teaching and learning for Geisel, the Life Sciences, and the greater Dartmouth College/DHMC community. For more information see our Mobile Medicine Research Guide.

General Information

  • iPads are available for checkout at the Circulation Desk at Dana Library (Dartmouth campus) and the Matthews-Fuller Library (at DHMC).
  • iPads may be taken outside of the library.
  • Please be aware that:
    • Apps supplied are licensed and may not be copied or loaded onto other devices.
    • When an iPad is returned, all data and settings will be wiped from the device.
    • iPads should be carefully handled and not left unattended.
    • Damage or loss of the iPad or accessories will be subject to fines or fees. For details, see Fees for Damage or Loss.

Checkout and Return

  • Checkout periods are:
    • Dartmouth undergraduate student checkout period is 4 hours.
    • For all other users the checkout period is 7 days.
    • Faculty may request an extended-use checkout of more than 7 days for one or more iPads. Use this request form or the paper version available at the Biomedical Libraries Circulation Desks.
  • iPads must be borrowed and returned only during the hours the library is normally staffed.
  • iPads must be returned in person to the location borrowed from by the end of the checkout periods to avoid late fines.
  • Late return of an iPad will result in overdue charges and possible blocking of borrowing privileges.
    • Undergraduate student overdue charges are $5/hour for every hour overdue.
    • For all other users overdue charges are $20/day.

Use of iPads

  • Outlook accounts can be accessed using web-based applications, either BWA or OWA.
    Note that it is not possible to attach files in web-based email on the iPad.
  • The iPads are configured to access the Dartmouth or DHMC wireless network.
  • Apps and content may be loaded on the iPad using personal accounts.
  • To safeguard your privacy, we recommend before returning;
    • Log out of email and websites that require passwords
    • Delete or de-authorize any personal accounts
    • Or use the RESET button, which is the last option in the General Settings, to erase all content and settings.
  • By checking out an iPad, users affirm that they are responsible for damage or loss while it is checked out to them. (see Fees for Damage or Loss below.)
  • Users are responsible for any violations of the Information Security Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines and all other applicable Dartmouth College policies, State or Federal laws or contractual agreements.
  • The Dartmouth Libraries assume no responsibility for any problems that the iPad may cause to any other equipment to which the iPad is connected.

Fees for Damage or Loss

Users will not be charged for general wear and tear to the iPad. However, if a device or any of its parts are lost, stolen, damaged, or otherwise not returned, users are responsible for the fees detailed below. Variations to these fees are to be determined on a case-by-case basis. In addition to fees, a block may be placed on all Library borrowing privileges until the issue is resolved.

  • Full cost of the iPad Kit: $600
  • iPad:  $500
  • Smart Cover:  $25
  • Sync Cable:  $19
  • Power Adapter:  $29
  • Travel Case:  $25

Plus additional processing and billing fees.