Faculty Development and Teaching

Introduction by Dr. Joe O'Donnell, MD:
What is Faculty Development?
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Teaching Methods

Problem Based Learning

  • Southern Illinois University's School of Medicine
    A good beginning point for investigating the problem-based learning (PBL) process within medical education is the PBL site at the Medical School of Southern Illinois University.
  • Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario 
    Queen's University School of Medicine has developed an online handbook on the PBL teaching technique.
  • Collaborative Learning
    This Web site is produced by the National Institute for Science Education and provides a basic introduction to the collaborative learning process within higher education. It also provides some personal reflections by students and teachers who are involved in classes transitioning from traditional teaching environments to collaborative learning environments.
  • National Learning Communities Project
    The Learning Community Commons site explores the concept of learning communities within higher education. It includes a "Handbook on Collaborative Learning Assessment."

Faculty Development for Preceptors

Junior Faculty & Resident Development

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Faculty Development for Physicians

Teaching Theory