Project Room

The Baker-Berry Library offers a unique Project Room as part of our course reserve service. Located on the northeast side of the Reserve Corridor, the room provides the following features:

  • Open Reserve Shelving – Students can browse all reserve material placed on a course. All Art History reserve materials are shelved here. Other faculty must request to have their reserve books shelved in this space.
  • Photocopy Room - Provides a secure copying environment within the room for non-circulating materials, containing one MFD (multi-functional device- copier, printer, scanner) GreenPrint machine and one flatbed Indus scanner. Both scan in color.
  • 3 microform (fiche/film) readers - Content may be emailed, saved to a flashdrive, or printed.  Please sign in to use these machines at the Reserve Desk.
  • Several study carrels and tables for study space.

Making Reserve Materials Available in the Project Room

Submit a course reserve reading list form and indicate that the material should be housed in the Project Room. Material can be designated as non-circulating or given a 2, 4, or 24 hour loan. Items can be checked out at the Baker Reserve Desk.

Examples of Project Room Uses

  • Students in Art History consult all material placed on course reserve using the Project Room’s open shelving.
  • Students in Religion classes researched original source texts in order to produce a reader of excerpts from the writings of both classical and contemporary scientists, addressing the issue of the relation of science and religion.
  • Students in Classics, as part of an introductory archaeology course, researched ancient Roman coins. The students followed the coins’ history through multi-volume sets of Roman Imperial Coinage and Coins of the Roman Empire, usually housed at the Library Depository.
  • Faculty who are using books normally housed off-campus in the Library Depository may set up extended campus access in the Project Room.
  • Thesis writers who are working with runs of journals usually housed in the Library Depository may request them to be accessible in the Project Room.
  • Non-circulating items can be viewed and copied/scanned in the Project Room.

Additional Material Housed in the Project Room

There are some unique collections housed in the Project Room on the back wall shelving towards the east of the room.

  • The Staff Development Collection (SDC) is a group of resources that circulate to any Dartmouth library card holder and includes titles in the following genres:  Professional Development, Dartmouth History, Personal Development, Cultural Awareness, and Continuing Education.  Formats in the collection include books, DVDs, VHS tapes and books-on-tape.    /~library/home/committees/sdc/collection.html
  • In addition, there are some reference materials such as dictionaries and style guides available.  These items may be checked out but are due at closing.
  • All items need to be checked out at the Baker Reserve Desk upon leaving the Project Room; the security gate will sound as items leave the room.  Take them to the Reserve Desk to check out.