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Alumni Digital Library Search FAQ

Alumni Digital Library Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What full text journals, newspapers, and magazines are in the Alumni Digital Library?  How can I find out if a journal or magazine is included?

Some of the databases provide a great deal of full text immediately, and these are listed here. FULL TEXT ACCESS VARIES OVER TIME because the content owners change the agreements with the providers.  Some databases, like RePEc, and NASA ADS, provide full text of individual articles in the subject areas covered, but do not have comprehensive coverage of all articles in particular journals.

Follow each database link to browse and download lists of the full text available by journal, magazine or newspaper title.

  • Alumni – Research Library (from ProQuest) provides centralized access to periodical content covering a wide range of subjects such as business, education, literature, political science, and psychology. The database contains nearly 4,000 titles, including full-text access to more than 2,700 publications and provides a broad array of reference materials to aid in general research, plus coverage of diverse and scholarly disciplines to serve more advanced researchers. You can view and download a title list according to your requirements.
  • Alumni - ABI INFORM Global (from ProQuest) provides an unmatched collection of business content, delivering highly relevant and focused results required for business research today. Combining the foremost business journals and leading sources of online business news with international and scholarly content, Alumni - ABI INFORM Global delivers a remarkable variety of content results to meet the needs of researchers at all levels. You can view and download a  title list according to your requirements. 

Top Journals and Periodicals—Wall Street Journal (Eastern Edition), Journal of American Academy of Business, Journal of Business Ethics, Foreign Affairs, Nation’s Business, Journal of Marketing, and more

Major Publishers—including Sloan Management Review, Sage, Cambridge University Press, Springer Science & Business Media, and Palgrave Macmillan

Alumni - ABI INFORM Global provides additional business content,  including:

· Author Profiles—Locate key information about published authors in author profiles, including affiliations and research topics. E-mail addresses are included in the 125,000 profiles available

· Business Cases—Connect classroom topics with valuable business cases. Alumni - ABI/INFORM Complete provides thousands of business case documents from key business schools such as Ivey, Thunderbird, Idea Group, and Darden

· Country Reports—Track the fast-changing economic, political and market developments around the world with country reports. EIU ViewsWire delivers reports from 195 countries, providing concise analysis of market conditions worldwide

·  Dissertations

· EIU ViewsWire:  global business and economic events

* Content restrictions:

Certain publishers require their titles to be restricted from access outside of educational markets.  Included among these publishers are:

  • CMP
  • Dow Jones
  • Emerald 
  • Euromoney
  • Aspen
  • CMP
  • Dow Jones
  • Emerald
  • Euromoney
  • Johns Hopkins
  • Massachusetts Medical Society
  • Current History, Inc.
  • Academy of Political Science


  • GreenFILE provides indexing and abstracts for more than 384,000 records, as well as Open Access full text for more than 4,700 records. Download GreenFile List
  • JSTOR provides the journal backfiles which the Dartmouth Library has purchased, through a subscription paid for by the Library. Click here to see a screencast of how to log in.
  • Project Muse contains ebooks as well as over 300 full text scholarly journals in the humanities and social sciences; the titles available are marked with a green icon.  Click here to see a screencast of how to log in.
  • HathtiTrust Digital Library includes downloadable full text of  materials that are were published before 1923 and out of copyright for other reasons. 

2.  If I cannot get the full text of an article directly from the Alumni Digital Library, how can I get it?

The databases provide the full citations to the materials that you need to either locate the full text in your local library or through InterLibrary Loan in your local area or through Dartmouth's DartDoc for Alumni. IF you are on campus, you can access all the full text available to to the currently enrolled students, by using the Dartmouth Library Public wireless network. 

3.  What is the email name and password I need to use the Alumni Digital Library?

Login with your Dartmouth NetID and password when you see the Dartmouth Web Authentication page.You will see a link to locate your NetID.  Refer to Computing's documentation for Dartmouth Passwords if you need to establish a password, or to reset your password because you have forgotten it.

4.  What are those "Dartmouth Web Authentication" and "Shibboleth" pages that I see before my search finishes?

Both of these are important parts of the technology that allow you to log in and then be recognized as a real Dartmouth alumnus or alumna. It may take a minute for each of these steps to complete so be patient because it's worth the wait!  Once you have logged in, the system will continue to recognize you as an alumnus or alumna until you close your browser.

5.  Where can I get help with searching the Alumni Digital Library?

Send your questions to: Ask Us!



Last Updated: 4/26/16