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Humanities News

September 23

Faculty Lunches Begin


September 27-November 8 (Tuesday Mornings)

Breakfast with the Arts


October 5

Persepolis: A film based on Marjane Satrapi's graphic novel


October 6

A Conversation with Marjane Satrapi


October 9

Homeland: Iraq Year Zero (2015) will be screened by the Dartmouth Film Society


October 20

Marlon James


 January 24-25

Miranda July


 April 17

Jonathan Franzen


 May 3

Naomi Shahib Rye   


Fall 2016 Newsletter



The Leslie Center for the Humanities
Dartmouth College
6240 Haldeman Center, Room 263
Hanover, NH 03755
Tel. 603-646-0896
Fax. 603-646-0998



Apply online for co-sponsorship

Application for cosponsorship (Paper application - Word Doc)

The Leslie Center accepts applications to cosponsor events. Please submit to the administrator a completed application with a description of the event, and a draft budget. It is also important for applicants to outline any other secured or desired sources of funding.


Funding & Benefits:
Cosponsorship seldom exceeds $2,500, and normally remains below $500. Proposals for large-scale cosponsorship of events or institutes will be dealt with under the rules governing Humanities Center Projects or Humanities Center Institutes. Unless built into the proposal, administrative help will not be provided for cosponsored events. We will, however, post relevant information on this website, list the event on the term calendar we distribute, and, if asked, relay information to faculty via email. 


Selection & Deadlines:
Requests up to $750 may be submitted at any time; requests above $750 should be submitted in sync with our funding deadlines (Feb. 1, May 1, Nov. 1 each year). Requests will be considered on their merits, but the consistency of the project with the Center's interdisciplinary goals will be a major consideration.

Last Updated: 2/16/15